Deal or No Deal (partially found pilots of ABC game show; 2004)

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Many of you are probably familiar with the popular NBC game show Deal or no Deal. But you might not know there was a pilot for ABC in 2004 but ABC decided against airing it. Not much is known about the ABC version except that it was hosted by Patrick Kielty. It's unknown if it was different to the NBC version. There are only two known photos to exist.

Photo 2


There is a taping report of someone seeing the ABC version. The person described it as pretty much the same as the NBC version, but had a play-in game that whittled 26 contestants to 1 (Chosing by the host himself) Apparently, the show had a "very lame musical package" and a "horribly disinterested audience". And a contestant won $250,000. (Second paragraph under "Viewing Get Together")