Disney's Doug (found episodes of animated series; 1996-1999)

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Doug and Porkchop with the logo.

Status: Partially Lost

Doug was an animated series that premiered on Nickelodeon in 1991 and ran until 1994. It was then produced by Disney for the ABC Network from 1996 to 1999, being dubbed Brand Spanking New Doug (later changed to Disney's Doug).

Out of the 65 "lost episodes," only eight episodes of Disney's Doug were released on VHS, plus Doug's 1st Movie. The majority of the episodes can be found on Kimcartoon[1] and MEGA.[2][3] However, some are still missing, including several Quailman episodes.

The entire series can also be downloaded in its Greek dub as well.[4] Some of these have yet to be found in their original English dub, however.

Episode Status

Episode Number Episode Title Status
S5-1 "Doug's Last Birthday" Found
S5-2 "Doug's New School" Found
S5-3 "Doug Grows Up" Found
S5-4 "Doug's Hoop Nightmare" Found
S5-5 "Doug: A Limited Corporation" Found
S5-6 "Doug's in Debt!" Found
S5-7 "Doug's Big Comeback" Found
S5-8 "Doug's Bloody Buddy" Found
S5-9 "Doug's Patti Beef" Found
S5-10 "Doug Directs" Found
S5-11 "Doug's Movie Madness" Found
S5-12 "Doug's Brain Drain" Found
S5-13 "Doug: The Big Switch" Found
S5-14 "Doug Gets His Wish" Found
S5-15 "Doug's Secret Christmas" Found
S5-16 "Doug's Hot Dog" Found
S5-17 "Doug's Great Opportoonity" Found
S5-18 "Doug Gets a Roommate" Found
S5-19 "Doug Gets Booked" Found
S5-20 "Doug's Minor Catastrophe" Found
S5-21 "Doug's Big Panic" Found
S5-22 "Doug's Hairy Situation" Found
S5-23 "Doug: Oh, Baby" Found
S5-24 "Doug's Disappearing Dog" Found
S5-25 "Doug's Mural Mania" Found
S5-26 "Doug On The Road" Found
S6-1 "Doug's Secret of Success" Found
S6-2 "Doug's Friend's Friend" Found
S6-3 "Doug's Chubby Buddy" Found
S6-4 "Doug: Quailman VI: The Dark Quail Saga" Found
S6-5 "Judy, Judy, Judy" Found
S6-6 "Doug's Dougapalooza" Found
S6-7 "Doug Gets It All" Found
S6-8 "Doug's Thanksgiving" Partially Lost (Greek)
S7-1 "Doug's Midnight Kiss" Found
S7-2 "Doug's Older Woman" Found
S7-3 "Doug Gets Right Back On!" Found
S7-4 "Quailman VII: Quaildad" Found
S7-5 "Doug's in the Middle" Found
S7-6 "Night of The Living Dougs" Found
S7-7 "Doug's Dream House" Found
S7-8 "Quailman Takes the Blame" Found
S7-9 "Doug and the Bluffington Five" Found
S7-10 "Quailman Vs. Supersport" Partially Lost (Greek)
S7-11 "Doug's Concert Crisis" Found
S7-12 "Quailman Vs. the Annoying S.T.U.A.R.T." Found
S7-13 "Quailman vs. the Whackhammer" Found
S7-14 "Judy's Big Admission" Found
S7-15 "Quailman Vs. the Quizzler" Found
S7-16 "Doug's Sour Songbird" Found
S7-17 "Doug's Best Buddy" Found
S7-18 "Quailman and the Quintuple Quandary" Found
S7-19 "Quailman's Bad Hair Day" Partially Lost (Greek)
S7-20 "Doug: Beebe Goes Broke" Found
S7-21 "Quailman and the L.U.B." Partially Lost (Greek)
S7-22 "Patti's Dad Dilemma" Found
S7-23 "Quailman: The Un-Quail Saga" Found
S7-24 "Doug Cuts School" Found
S7-25 "Quailman Vs. the Triad of Terror" Found
S7-26 "Doug Plays Cupid" Partially Lost (Greek)
S7-27 "Doug: I, Rubbersuit" Found
S7-28 "Doug's Adventures On-Line" Found
S7-29 "Quailman Vs. the Little Rubber Army" Partially Lost (Greek)
S7-30 "Doug's Grand Band Plan" Partially Lost (Greek)
S7-31 "Doug's Marriage Madness" Found