Disney's One Too - Recess gags (partially lost series of animated shorts; 1999-2003)

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Disney's One Too.

Disney's One Too was a spin-off of their successful Disney's One Saturday Morning block that would air on every other day from Saturday and on UPN, showcasing, more or less, the same shows that One Saturday Morning would air.

But opposed to how One Saturday Morning aired educational content inbetween its shows, One Too would show short "gags" from its currently airing TV Shows during the adbreaks, specifically Disney's Doug, Sabrina, The Animated Series, Recess and Pepper Ann.

And while most, if not all of the short segments from the other shows have been reuploaded to the internet by YouTube user Omega13X2000, none of the Recess shorts have resurfaced to the internet at all (Omega13X2000 doesn't have any recordings because he didn't care enough for the show at the time to make any), and have otherwise only been seen on the Family Channel in Canada.