Doogal (lost original edit of 2005 animated film; 2006)

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Doogal poster.jpg

Film poster.

Status: Lost

Doogal is a 2006 animated film produced by the Weinstein Company that was edited from the 2005 French-British animated film known as The Magic Roundabout based on the stop-motion series of the same name.

The film was conceived when Harvey Weinstein acquired the rights to The Magic Roundabout. He approached Fairly Oddparents creator Butch Hartman to rework the film. Hartman's initial idea to rework TMR was to add in a live-action frame story that would've involved an elderly man reading the story of the film to his grandchild, similar to that of The Princess Bride; this idea never went through however due to budgeting issues.

Butch was having to re-write the whole film line per line with some changes to the dialogue to make the film more appealing to American audiences. His original script was also meant to stay in sync with the animation, unlike the final version. Much of his script was even recorded by the actors who star in the film, with most them being directed by Hartman himself.

When the film was released, much of Hartman's original material was re-written and re-recorded without his consent. At least 3% of his material ever made it into the final version. The film was received very poorly by critics and has been regarded as one of the worst animated films ever made. As of 2017, little to no material from Butch's original version had ever been released.

A few possible examples of Hartman's version can be seen in The Making of Doogal on the DVD.



A Speech Bubble podcast with Butch Hartman disscussing the film.