Doraemon: Robot War (partially found bootleg anime film; 1983)

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DoraemonRobotWars Taiwanese.png

Doraemon as seen in the movie. Note the aforementioned English and Simplified Chinese subtitles.

Status: Lost

Doraemon: Robot War (小叮噹大戰機器人) is a 1983 bootleg Doraemon film created by Cuckoo's Nest Studio (now known as Wang Film Productions). The film was directed by Wang Ya Quan.

The plot of the film centers around a Robotics Exhibition in Taiwan (that's right, the film was set in Taiwan instead of Japan) where they are voting for the world's best robot. There's this one weird professor who is really committed to developing the world's best robot, but has his spotlight suddenly stolen from him when Doraemon and Nobita somehow end up entering the competition. Having been accidentally coerced into the competition, Doraemon used a wide variety of gadgets to defeat his opponents and ended up winning the World's Most Excellent Robot award (it was a bit like that tournament in Dragon Ball).

The weird professor is so frustrated by this that he begins to develop an evil robot to defeat Doraemon. Meanwhile, Doraemon became a household name overnight and is now a big star. Wanting to become a star and experience the spotlight as well, Nobita uses a gadget to disguise himself as Doraemon.

The result of this is that Nobita, disguised as Doraemon, ends up being abducted by the weird professor's evil robot. Once he learns of this Doraemon immediately sets out to rescue Nobita. Meanwhile, still really obsessed with ensuring the world realises his robots are the best in the world, the weird professor sends out an army of robots to carry out terrorist attacks all around the world.

Eventually Doraemon saves Nobita and manages to learn the weakness of the professor's robots, a fear of a certain type of gemstone. With this knowledge a group of the world's most powerful elementary school students are able to set out on an adventure, find the gemstone, and save the world.

Information on the film is extremely scarce, and the only proof of it's existence is the few Chinese sites, containing several screenshots and one clip of ending footage from the film.

All footage of the film has English and Simplified Chinese subtitles - it is unknown why this was included in the release.

The film was released in theaters but it did sell poorly and was not released in home video.

Ending clip from the movie.
An 'Animation Warehouse' episode about the film.


References English translations of existing information from the Chinese sites.