Doraemon '05 (partially found British dub of anime series; 2015)

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Promo for the dub on Boomerang UK.

Status: Partially Found

A dub of Doraemon (2005) was commissioned by LUK Internacional and began airing on Boomerang UK on August 17, 2015. The dub was removed in October but later returned to the channel briefly from December 2015 to January 2016. Unlike the American dub, the alternate English dub is more faithful to the Japanese version and only has minor edits, such as using the name changes from the American dub. The dub was produced in Hong Kong by Red Angel Media; the same company produced a dub of Crayon Shin-chan.[1] World Worm Studios composer Gary Gibbons was the Musical Director, Producer and English Director for the theme song.[2]

Found Episodes and Segments

A promo for Doraemon'05 in December 2015 for Boomerang UK.
A teaser promo for Doraemon'05 for Boomerang UK.
A promo for Doraemon'05 for Boomerang UK.
A segment called The Dandelion that Flew Away In the Sky!
A segment called Very, Very Strange Umbrellas.
A segment called Noby, Li’l G’s Boyfriend.
The Switching Rope.
Antique Wars & The Change of Clothes Camera.
Noby Can’t Find His Way Home & The Guiding Angel.
Shadow Hunting & The Memory Bread] (4:3, good quality).
Doraemon’s Prediction & The Girl Who is Pure Like a Madonna Lily.

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