Doraemon (partially found Asian English dubs of anime series; late 1990s-early 2000s)

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The Magic Lost Articles Fiber Spray English VCD.

Status: Partially Found

Doraemon is a popular and long-running anime based on the manga of the same name by Fujiko F. Fujio. Its best-known adaptation originally ran from 1979 until 2005, while a reboot, that began airing a month after the first series' conclusion, is still airing to this day. A total of 37 feature-length Doraemon movies have been released and numerous short films.

At least three English dubs of Doraemon have been produced in Asia. One of them, the English Disney XD Asia dub of the movie Nobita's Great Adventure in the South Seas is available, the other dubs are lost.

Malaysian English Speedy Dub[edit | edit source]

Various Doraemon episodes and movies were dubbed in English in Malaysia by Speedy Video and released on VCDs. Three of the VCDs have been uploaded onto the internet, the other VCDs are considered lost. The VCDs have been out of print for 15 years.

The following character name changes took place;

  • Nobita: Specky
  • Shizuka: Joanne
  • Giant: Bob
  • Suneo: Tim/Timmy

Speedy Dub Gohan voices Nobita and Shizuka, Speedy Dub Oolong voices Gian, Speedy Dub Bulma voices Nobita's mother and Lilulu, Speedy dub Roshi would voice professor, and Speedy Dub Yajirobe would voice Doraemon and the Teacher.

Titanic (37:24) and Dragon Ball Z (44:12 DBZ BGM-M1009) background music is used in Nobita Tetsujinheiden part 2.

  • Doraemon - Animals Space (1 disc)
  • Doraemon - Born In Japan (2 discs, 100 min)
  • [FOUND] Doraemon - Diving Around Town (1 disc)

1085 - Diving Around Town (町の中でダイビング)
713 - The Secret Watchdog (ヒミツゲンシュ犬)
1073 - The Magic Weight Adjuster (フンワリズッシリメーター)
757 - The Magic Cloud Freezer (雲かためガス)
1079 - Speedy Goggles (スピード増感ゴーグル)
Download - MEGA Watch on YouTube

  • Doraemon - Dragon Knight (2 discs, 90 min)
  • Doraemon - Little Star War (2 discs, 95 min)
  • Doraemon - Monotaro Nobita (1 disc)
  • [FOUND] Doraemon - Nobita Tetsujinheiden (2 discs, 95 min) -

Doraemon movie 7 - Doraemon: Nobita and the Steel Troops
Download - MEGA part 1 on YouTube - part 2 on YouTube

  • [FOUND] Doraemon - Virtual Holographic, Fiber-Optical Peep-Slope (1 disc)

1090 - Virtual Holographic, Fiber-Optical Peep-Scope (密閉空間探査機)
718 - Transformation Drink (変身ドリンク)
1091 - The Returning Hand (お返しハンド)
720 - The Game of Specky's Life (のび太はいかが)
1101 - The Mystery of the Missing Badges (バッジをさがせ)
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  • Doraemon - The Mini Magic Loud Hailer (1 disc)
  • [FOUND] Doraemon - The Magic Lost Articles Fiber Spray (1 disc)

1089 - The Magic Lost Articles Finder Spray (落し物カムバック・スプレー)
715 - Ghost Jujubes (うらめしドロップ)
711 - The Robot That Breaks Bad Habits (やめさせロボット)
1083 - The Timer Pistol (タイムピストル)
712 - The Fuse to Blow Away the Intolerables (いやなことヒューズ)
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Gallery[edit | edit source]

Singapore English Dub[edit | edit source]

The voice actress Cindy Creekmore lists a Doraemon dub by the Singaporean company Voiceovers Unlimited for Odex on her resume. Caihui Lim was Japanese-English translator for the dub. Anime News Network lists Denise Tan Shu Fen as another voice actress for the dub. It aired on Kids Central.

See Also[edit | edit source]

There are multiple other Doraemon English dubs that are in various states of accessibility:

  • 1985 SuperStation Dub - One of the first attempts to bring Doraemon to the English world was an unreleased dub created for Turner's SuperStation WTBS.
  • Albert and Sydney - The 1979 anime received a Barbados-exclusive English dub that's been completely lost.
  • Phuuz Entertainment Pilot - The U.S.-based company Phuuz Entertainment produced an English pilot dub of the 1979 Doraemon anime in the early 2000s.
  • Doraemon 2005 Alternate Dub - An alternate Hong Kong-produced dub of the 2005 anime series aired in the United Kingdom.
  • Stand By Me Doraemon - The 2015 CG-animated Doraemon feature received two English dubs, one of which has limited distribution.

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