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Status: Partially Found

Dragon Ball Z Bucchigiri Match was a browser based card game based on the titular anime series launched in Japan during the May of 2018, and shut down in March of 2020. Relying on its success based on the “Gotcha!” style of mobile game monetization. The game was reportedly closed due to failure to make enough money, likely due to the game being browser only. Or because of the developer. Being unable to go global. Thanks to the strength of the Dragon Ball mobile game community. The game was able to pick up notoriety and a decent cult following, spawning it’s own Subreddit and devoted players willing to translate and play the game publicly.


The game has countless gameplay videos, guides, and full strategy guides for it. So the game’s impact still exists on the internet, although the service has shut down, meaning its impossible at the moment to play the game. Despite it’s devout following. There has currently been no attempts to bring back the servers.


Trailer reupload by popular DBZ Youtuber
Basic gameplay and summons
Popular Youtuber/translator of the game’s video showing the game pre-shutdown


The official Twitter page for the game [1]

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