Dragon Ball Z Kai (unaired Ocean Productions English dub of anime series recut; 2010)

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Dragon Ball Z Kai titlescreen.jpg

title screen for the series.

Status: Lost

Dragon Ball Z Kai is a re-edited cut of Dragon Ball Z that aired from 2009 to 2011, featuring remastered visuals, a redone soundtrack and the removal of "filler" episodes that were part of the original anime. Various sources reported that the Canadian dubbing studio Ocean Productions had recorded an English dub of the show for the Canadian and European English speaking market.


Though the dub was never officially announced, various actors involved in it have confirmed its existence. The dub was first mentioned in Episode 26 of the webcast Voice Print with Trevor Devall by actor Kirby Marrow. The dub was mentioned again in Episode 28 by actor Paul Dobson, who stated Ocean Productions was responsible for it.

In 2013, Scott McNeil stated during a Q&A session at a convention that the Ocean Dub of Kai had "finished" and that they had not started recording for the Final Chapters portion of the show. [1] . In 2016, Brian Drummond wrote on Twitter that recording had been completed but he had no idea what happened to the dub, saying he had not seen it[2].

Despite being allegedly completed, no recording of the dub has resurfaced to the public.


In an episode of Voice Print with Trevor Devall where the dub was announced, Kirby Morrow stated that actors who had participated in the Westwood Media dub of Dragon Ball Z had been asked to re-audition their part, and that he had been rejected for the role of Goku. Paul Dobson stated in Episode 28 of the same show that the producers considered keeping some roles the same and recasting others, although he did not elaborate on the extent of the changes or which actors were involved.

Unlike previous Canadian Dragon Ball English dubs, which have historically been recorded in either Vancouver, BC with Ocean Productions[3] or alternatively, utilizing their sister studio; Blue Water Studios[4] in Calgary, AB, this dub of Kai utilizes both talent pools at once, a common trait of modern anime dubs from Ocean.

The following actors have confirmed their involvement in the unaired dub:

(Ocean/Vancouver, BC)

  • Brian Drummond
  • Lee Tockar (As Frieza) [5]
  • Trevor Devall (Character unknown)
  • Scott McNeil
  • Saffron Henderson [6]
  • Michael Dobson [7]
  • Cole Howard (Android 17)[8]

(Blue Water/Calgary, AB)

  • Brendan Hunter (Tien) [9]
  • James Beach (Character unknown) [10]