Dragon Ball Z Kai (unaired Ocean Productions English dub of anime series recut; 2010)

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Dragon Ball Z Kai titlescreen.jpg

title screen for the series.

Status: Lost

Dragon Ball Z Kai is a re-edited cut of Dragon Ball Z that aired from 2009 to 2011, featuring remastered visuals, a redone soundtrack and the removal of "filler" episodes that were part of the original anime. Various sources reported that the Canadian dubbing studio Ocean Productions had recorded an English dub of the show for the Canadian and European English speaking market.

It is still unknown which company commissioned this dub to be produced by Ocean Media, as well as which country and television channel it will (or would've been) broadcast on.


Though the dub was never officially announced, various actors involved in it have confirmed its existence along with individuals outside of it's production. The dub was first mentioned by an anonymous user named 'Subzero Ice' in a now deleted Facebook conversation. The conversation was with Funimation voice actor, Sean Schemmel who revealed that he knew of the dub's existence.

In Episode 26 of the webcast Voice Print with Trevor Devall, actor Kirby Marrow was interviewed, this interview marked the first time in which a Canadian actor spoke of the production. The dub was mentioned again in Episode 28 by actor Paul Dobson, who stated Ocean Productions was responsible for it.

Note: Mentions of Dragon Ball Z Kai have allegedly been removed from episode 26 of "Voice Print with Trevor Devall".[1]

In 2013, Scott McNeil stated during a Q&A session at a convention that the Ocean Dub of Kai had "finished" and that they had not started recording for the Final Chapters portion of the show. [2] . In 2016, Brian Drummond wrote on Twitter that recording had been completed but he had no idea what happened to the dub, saying he had not seen it[3].

Despite being allegedly completed, no recording of the dub has resurfaced to the public.


In an episode of Voice Print with Trevor Devall where the dub was announced, Kirby Morrow stated that actors who had participated in the Westwood Media dub of Dragon Ball Z had been asked to re-audition their part, and that he had been rejected for the role of Goku.[4] Paul Dobson stated in Episode 28 of the same show that the producers considered keeping some roles the same and recasting others, although he did not elaborate on the extent of the changes or which actors were involved.[5]

Unlike previous Canadian Dragon Ball English dubs, which have historically been recorded in either Vancouver, BC with Ocean Productions[6] or alternatively, utilizing their sister studio; Blue Water Studios[7] in Calgary, AB, this dub of Kai utilizes both talent pools at once, a common trait of the more recent anime dubs from Ocean.

The following actors have confirmed their involvement in the unaired dub:

Ocean/Vancouver, BC

  • Scott McNeil
Scott McNeil; The original English voice of Piccolo
  • Brian Drummond
  • Saffron Henderson [8]
  • Richard Ian Cox (as Goku) [9] (Richard has later denied this, likely because he does not want break NDA)
  • Lee Tockar (as Frieza) [10]
  • Michael Dobson [11]
  • Trevor Devall [12] (Character unknown)
  • Cole Howard (Android 17)[13]

Blue Water/Calgary, AB

  • Brendan Hunter (Tien) [14]
  • James Beach (Character unknown) [15]


It is unknown who created the following web page or where they sourced their info from, however, the page does list a few staff members who have previously worked on other Ocean and Blue Water productions. The staff listed are as follows:

Executive Producer: Ken Morrison

Producer: Dennis Hrehoriac

Supervising Producer: Diana Gage

Video Post-Production: Ryan Smith Sam Mynott Sean McConkey

Video Post-Production Company: Advantage Video, Inc.


Replacement music

AniTunes, a Canadian music production company for TV shows, has been confirmed to be the company that produced replacement music for this particular version of Kai. The company is attached to Tom Keenlyside and John Mitchell, two musicians who also worked on much of the music found in the Westwood Media dub of Dragon Ball Z.[16]

On the credits section of their website, a credit for Kai can be viewed, it reads as follows: Dragonball Z Kai 105 x 1/2 hr for Cartoon Network (US)

It is not yet known if the Cartoon Network US connection is a mistake or if it is indeed correct and the dub was produced for them. The episode number is also suspect as the first version of Kai only contains 98 episodes.[17]

Theme Song

Peter Berring (the composer of Funimation's original English dub of Dragon Ball, aka the BLT dub) was questioned by a fan wanting to know who sang the theme song for Dragon Ball, Dave Steel was the name given and, when researched further, it was discovered that he also sang a theme song for Dragon Ball Z Kai.[18] David Steele is a prolific commercial singer in Vancouver.

The following website contains a sample of a theme song for Dragon Ball Z Kai, however, it is not known if this remained the final version of the theme or if it was some kind of demo.



Sean Schemmel

As the voice of Goku in all of Funimation's current English dubbed Dragon Ball media, Sean Schemmel would not logistically have been involved in the production of Ocean's dub of Kai, nor would he have been legally allowed to. That being said, he did evidently seem to know some things about the production which he publicly revealed in an online post.

According to him:

"Here is why the Ocean group dub will suck. And it has nothing to do with the actors as I have enormous respect for all of them. As far as I know, the Ocean group dub is going to have this really shitty music (some of which I have heard) and a whole host of added sound effects such as "doinks" and "boinks" and even in one scene, where Bulma ... See Moresimply turns her head in a conversation you hear a "whoosh" sound ala a bad martial arts movie. We are giving you the purest DBZ experience possible, and if you don't like that, then you don't like DBZ."[19]

Subzero Ice

Despite being an unconfirmed source, for a long time anonymous user Subzero Ice was a consistent source of information regarding this dub. Not only was he technically the first to talk about it in a (now deleted) facebook chat with Sean Schemmel[20], effectively revealing the dub's existence, but he had also publicly expressed eagerness to see Scott McNeil reprise Piccolo in Kai on McNeil's facebook page long before he had announced it himself at a convention panel[21].

Along with having insider knowledge of the Ocean dub, Subzero Ice also seemed to have insider connections with CSC Media as he correctly pointed out that Toei Animation's announcement of Kai's UK airdate was incorrect.[22] However, he did not predict that the Funimation dub would be aired instead of the Ocean dub.

Below are some pieces of information Subzero Ice revealed before his interactions with the fan community ceased:

  • He claimed it started production in 2010 (pre-production stages, setting overall strategy, direction for the dub, etc)
  • There were some recastings and some actors returned
  • Scott McNeil was one of the first to reprise his role(s).
  • A new Goku was cast (now believed to be Richard Ian Cox). According to him; "they took more trouble to cast [Goku] than they needed to, however they were hoping to get the essence of the character as it is in the Japanese version."
  • Peter Kelamis was not asked to audition.[23] (Presumably, Ian James Corlett wasn't asked to either)
  • Maggie Blue O'Hara will not be coming back to reprise Bulma.[24]
  • They have some Calgary (Blue Water) actors on the cast, but the bulk of it should be the Vancouver cast (Ocean).
  • The dub has words which are pronounced closer to how they'd be said in the UK rather than the US.[25] (Scott McNeil himself has confirmed that "Namek" will be pronounced closer to Naw-Mek)[26]
  • When CSC Media's Kix channel broadcast the Funimation dub of Kai in 2012, Subzero Ice had this to say:

"CSC Media (owners of Channel Kix; the current broadcasters of Dragon Ball Kai in the UK) were NOT given the option to purchase the Ocean dub of Kai. Toei Animation ONLY gave them the option of the Funimation dub of Kai. CSC Media are aware of the existence of the Ocean dub."[27]

  • At one point this user also mentioned allegedly speaking to the Head of Programming at Turner Broadcasting (presumably the UK or European branch), mentioning: "At the time, he said that they were not looking to get Kai but if they did, it would be the Ocean dub."[28]


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