Drakkar (found MS-DOS port of Spanish arcade game; 1990)

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The box cover for the game.

Status: Found

Date found: 31 Dec '17

Found by: "UKA"

Drakkar is a Spanish arcade game developed by Delta and/or Diabolic which was released for Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, MSX and MS-DOS in 1990.[1]


The Spectrum and Amstrad CPC versions of the game had been made available sometime before the search began. In 2016, the MSX version was also found and uploaded on computeremuzone.com[2].

The MS-DOS port of the game is documented on computeremuzone.com[3]. Additionally, the MS-DOS port of the game is also mentioned in the game's manual[4] and six different advertisments[5]. All these pieces of evidence are uploaded and preserved below.

In December of 2017, old-games.ru user "Uka" uploaded a manual, screenshots, and floppy disc for the MS-DOS port of Drakkar to the internet.[6]


Drakkar - Manual (Spanish):

Drakkar - Advertisements (Spanish):

Drakkar - In-game content:

Amstrad CPC (walkthrough)
Spectrum (walkthrough).