Dreamfinders (unproduced Disney Channel TV series; 1983)

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Dreamfinder / Old Eli appears at 1:23

When The Disney Channel launched in 1983, the channel premiered several original programs, like "Welcome to Pooh Corner" and "You and Me, Kid". Those shows were aired on the channel for years, but there was one original show that was only shown for the first few weeks of the channel's launch, which was Dreamfinders. The show is based on the former EPCOT Center (now called Epcot) attraction, "Journey Into Imagination", which turned to "Journey Into Your Imagination" in 1999, and is now currently "Journey Into Imagination with Figment". The ride is about Figment, a purple dragon, and his friend, Dreamfinder, as they go on a musical journey into the Imagination. Think of that ride, but probably without Figment, as a TV Show.

The show, as The Disney Channel Magazine described it, was about a group of children in a "real world" setting, as they are in some kind of problem. Dreamfinder (or as the show called him, Old Eli) would take the kids to "The Realm of Imagination", where they use their ideas to find a creative solution. However, Fear, the show's villain, along with his minions, would attempt to take the children and Eli to the abyss of "Bewilderedness". The show was an hour long, and shown on the weekends.

The show however, only had 3 episodes, and some sources say that they've only shown once (or the three times a week the channel showed it). To this day, this show hasn't been shown on the channel since 1983, and no episodes have surfaced online. The only clip of this show was a short second of Dreamfinder / Old Eli during the Disney Channel's launch countdown on April 18, 1983.