Eagle Sam (partially found anime series; 1983-1984)

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Eagle Sam logo.png

Title card.

Status: Partially Found

Eagle Sam (イーグルサム) is an anime based on Sam the Olympic Eagle, the Los Angeles 1984 Summer Olympics mascot that ran exclusively in Japan for 51 episodes between April 7th, 1983 to March 29th, 1984 on TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System).[1]

Plot[edit | edit source]

The show centers around Private Investigator Sam of Los Angeles, who is mysteriously transformed into an anthropomorphic eagle resembling the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Mascot. With the help of his comically busty assistant, Canary Carina, Sam has to fight the bad guys and chase down his nemesis, a cockroach riding a skateboard. Sam's hat contains almost everything he needs, and when the going gets tough, he takes out magical Olympic rings to help save the day.[2]

Availability[edit | edit source]

At the time of the anime's production, Sam was huge in Japan long before the games began. The opening and ending credits were performed by J-Pop boy band Eagles (not to be confused with the American rock band). But after the 1984 Olympics ended, Eagle Sam fell into obscurity, and only three episodes of the show have surfaced online (ep 23,49,& 51) and has no official home video releases. It is believed that legal issues with the International Olympic Committee are preventing an official release from ever happening.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

# Original Title Rough English Translation Air Date
1 "ハット出た出た探偵団 / ゴキブリチェイスでごくろうさん!!" "The Detective Team that Came Out of the Hat / Cockroach Chase Goro-san!!" April 7th, 1983
2 "イーグルハットの秘密 / トラブる大レース" "The Secret of the Eagle Hat / Large Race" April 14th, 1983
3 "トラトラ大作戦 / 嵐のあとの金貨騒動" "Operation Tora Tora / Gold Riot After Storm" April 21st, 1983
4 "地震一発ナマズで勝負 / ネコちゃんコンテスト" "Game with Catfish Cats / Cat Contest" April 28th, 1983
5 "ゴルフで対決! パットット / ドカーンと一発プレゼント" "Showdown with Golf! Putt / Dokhan and One Present" May 5th, 1983
6 "愉快ゆかいで誘拐だ / イヤ~ン盗られちゃった" "It's a fun kidnapping(?) / I was stolen" May 12th, 1983
7 "虫歯イタタタ! 大騒動 / ゴミ指輪物語" "Dental cavities! / Garbage Ring Story" May 19th, 1983
8 "ナンたって顔が勝負!? / アイスクリームパニック" "The Face of a Nan is a Game! / Ice Cream Panic" May 26th, 1983
9 "ブラボーレインボー / バーディーランド最後の日" "Bravo Rainbow / Birdie Land Last Day" June 2nd, 1983
10 "妖怪オバケと一騎打ち / 謎の怪獣カッシー登場" "Youkai Ghost and One-Knight Strike / Mysterious Monster Cassie Appears" June 9th, 1983
11 "謎の大男は地底人!? / 転校生は美少女!?" "Mysterious Big Man is an Underground Person!? / Transfer Student is a Beautiful Girl!?" June 16th, 1983
12 "ボギーに花嫁1,2,3!? / トんだグズランうわの空" "Bogey and bride 1,2,3!? / The Sky of Tozu Guzran" June 23rd, 1983
13 "自転車レースでごくろうさん / 宇宙でドンパチ! スペースサム" "Space Race in Bike Race / Donpachi in Space!" June 30th, 1983
14 "鯨のサーフィンまいタッタ! / カナリーのハートは僕のもの" "Whale Surfing Maittatta! / Canary's Heart is Mine" July 7th, 1983
15 "対決! 迷探偵VS名探偵 / 挑戦!! 鶴之介の大トリック" "Confrontation! Detective VS Detective / Challenge!! Tsurunosuke's Big Trick" July 14th, 1983
16 "必殺! ピラミッドくずし / 巨大石像モグラでチョン!" "Pyramid Kuzushi / Giant Stone Statue Mole!" July 21st, 1983
17 "ゴキブリメカ怪獣大暴走! / 夢のマンション夢の夢" "Cockroach Mecha Monster Runaway! / Dream Mansion Dream Dream" July 28th, 1983
18 "走って走ってもうたくさん /ゴキブリ退治大作戦" "A Lot of Running and Running / Cockroach Extermination Strategy" Aug 4th, 1983
19 "必殺KOパンチでOKよ! / ヨットレースでオットット" "OK with a Deadly KO Punch! / Otto in a Yacht Race" Aug 11th, 1983
20 "世界占いタイトルマッチ / 必殺パンダ拳法アチョー" "World Fortune-Telling Title Match / Special Panda Kempo Achou" Aug 18th, 1983
21 "カバを虫歯にしたのは誰だ / 恐怖の幽霊船出現" "Who Killed the Hippopotamus / Horror Ghost Ship Appears" Aug 25th, 1983
22 "WANTED! 凶悪殺人犯サム!? / 消えたグズラン" "WANTED! Vicious Murderer Sam!? / Gouzlan Gone" Sept 1st, 1983
23 "あっ! UFO! 宇宙人襲来!? / ワナにご注意!トラ狩り大作戦" "Oh! UFO! Alien Invasion!? / Watch out for Traps! Tiger Hunting Strategy" Sept 8th, 1983
24 "恐怖の雪男、氷のアラスカ / 秘密の森、魔法のハットを探せ" "Awesome Snow Man, Ice Alaska / Secret Forest, Find a Magic Hat" Sept 15th, 1983
25 "危機一髪! 恐怖のアマゾネス軍団 / 国際機密フィルムの謎を追え" "Close call! Amazones Corps of Fear / Follow the Mystery of International Secret Film" Sept 22nd, 1983
26 "銀河系第3惑星への旅 / 恐怖のスパルタ教師" "Journey to the Galactic Third Planet / Terrified Spartan Teacher" Sept 29th, 1983
27 "カサブランカの人喰いワニ / モウモウ闘牛士はモウたくさん" "Alligator Crocodile in Casablanca / Mow Mow Bullfighter" Oct 6th, 1983
28 "大募集! ドラキュラの花嫁!! / びっくりパン焼きコンクール" "Great Recruitment! Dracula's Bride!! / Surprise Bread Baking Contest" Oct 13th, 1983
29 "ギョ! サムが小さくなった / 秘境アンデス黄金コンドルの謎" "Gyo! Sam got smaller / Mystery of Unexplored Andean Golden Condor" Oct 20th, 1983
30 "なに!? カナリーのハネムーン / サム、君こそスターだ" "What!? Canary Honeymoon / Sam, You are the Star" Oct 27th, 1983
31 "鉄の男!? サンダーバード先生 / ソクラテス受難の日" "Iron Man! Thunderbird-Sensei / Socrates Passion Day" Nov 3rd, 1983
32 "花嫁と悪魔のコンピューター / 暴れモウを送り出せ" "Bride and Devil Computer / Send Out Rampage Mo(?)" Nov 10th, 1983
33 "アラビアンナイトだオットット / 大減点!ボギーの警察手帳がない!" "Arabian Night Otto / There is No Bogey Police Notebook!" Nov 17th, 1983
34 "カナリーとおじいちゃん / 超ウルトラ大スキー!" "Canary and Grandpa / Super Ultra Large Ski!" Nov 24th, 1983
35 "ハットでスリップ、ギャングは消えろ / 名探偵まっさお! 銀行強盗X" "Slip on Hat, Gang Disappears / Detective Masao! Bank Robbery X" Dec 1st, 1983
36 "アルバトロスの花嫁 / 幻のヒマラヤアゲハ" "Albatross Bride / Phantom Himalayan Swallowtail" Dec 8th, 1983
37 "ねらわれたキャッツアイ / ゴキブリゴクロウを消せ!" "Cat's Eye Aimed / Erase the Cockroach Owl!" Dec 15th, 1983
38 "ウルトラサーブだテニスで勝負! / ねらわれた沈没船" "Play Ultraserve Tennis! / The Sunken Ship Aimed at(?)" Dec 22nd, 1983
39 "ゴクロウ恋の大バクハツ!! / あれ!? カナリーの結婚式!!" "The Great Bakuhatsu of Gogurou Koi!! / That!? Canary wedding!!" Jan 5th, 1984
40 "ボギー巡査のつら~い一日 / 恐怖のフランケン城" "A Day of Bogey Constable / Horror Franken Castle" Jan 12th, 1984
41 "タイムマシーンだ! 恐竜時代!! / 体操はウルトラC調!?" "Time Machine! Dinosaur Era!! / Gymnastics is Ultra C Style!?" Jan 19th, 1984
42 "野球ゲームだ! スーパースター / 激突!! イーグルスvsアルバトロス" "A Baseball Game! Superstar / Clash!! Eagles vs Albatross" Jan 26th, 1984
43 "危機! アマゾネス軍団来襲 / 謎のUFO! 未知との遭遇" "Crisis! Amazones Corps Attack / Mysterious UFO! Encounter with the Unknown" Feb 2nd, 1984
44 "チャレンジクイズだ! 大逆転 / 決闘! 番長をやっつけろ!!" "Challenge Quiz! Great Reversal / Duel! Beat the Bancho!" Feb 9th, 1984
45 "宇宙怪獣大戦争 / かぐや姫の宿題!?" "Space Monster Wars / Kaguya's Homework!?" Feb 16th, 1984
46 "女王陛下のダイヤモンド / ヒコーキ野郎大空の対決" "The Queen's Diamond / Hikoki Bastard Sky Confrontation(?)" Feb 23rd, 1984
47 "誕生日殺人事件!? / 恐怖のサンダー最後の反撃" "Murder on Birth Day!? / Thunder Thunder Last Counterattack" Mar 1st, 1984
48 "ソクラテス最良の日 (大統領がやってきた!) / ハムサンド伯爵殺人事件" "Socrates Best Day (President came!) / Humsands Murder Case" Mar 8th, 1984
49 "イーグルサムは二度死ぬ!? / バーディランドに春よ恋" "Eagle Sam Dies Twice!? / Spring in Love with Birdieland" Mar 15th, 1984
50 "決死のグレートレース / 逆襲! ヒョーキン寺の嵐" "Desperate Great Trace / Counterattack! Hyokinji Arashi" Mar 22nd, 1984
51 "悪夢のバーディーランド危機一髪! / オリンピックへGo!!" "A Nightmare Birdie Land Close Call! / Go to the Olympics!!" Mar 29th, 1984

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The only known episode.
Promo for anime.
Another promo for anime.
The opening and ending to the anime.

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