Enigma (partially found English dub of French superhero animated series; 1997)

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Enigma .png

Title card.

Status: Partially Found

Enigma is the title of the 1997 action-mystery-superhero French animated series created by Eunice Alvarado Ellis. Co-produced by D'Ocon Films, Millesime Productions, Tele Munchen Fernseh Produktionsgesellschaft (TMG), and animated by Animated Services Hong Kong (ASHK) for the French TV station M6. The series ran for two seasons consisting of 52 episodes.


A quiet redhead middle school girl named Agatha Cherry meets an elderly Asian man who gives her magical ballerina slippers, that grants her flying abilities. She decides to get a superhero persona and calls herself Enigma, where she would fight against villains and protect her city.[1]

She is not to be confused with DC Comics or Marvel’s own Enigma characters.


This show hasn’t been available on the web, DVD, or streaming, nor syndicated on other channels since it has last aired. However some episodes of the show can be found on YouTube in French[2], Spanish[3], and one episode in Cambodian[4] from television recordings. An English dub exists but it's unknown if it aired in any English-speaking territories.

YouTuber MIXXPOST has been uploading episodes of the show in English which is in much higher quality. It is currently unknown how said user came into possession said episodes, though it is possible he could upload the rest of the series on YouTube.[5]


# Episode Title French Title Status
1 The Million Dollar Mole Les dents de la taupe Partially Found (Spanish)
2 Enigma vs. Guido Hands of Steels Enigma contre Guido mains d'acier Lost
3 Sticky City Ville collante Lost
4 Golden Slumber Un sommeil en or Lost
5 Enigma against Tekno Enigma contre Tekno Lost
6 Last subway for Faust Dernier métro pour Faust Lost
7 Red Rose & Double Z Rouge rose et double Z Lost
8 The Great Gizmo Le grand Gizmo Lost
9 Que calor! Que calor Lost
10 A slighty unglued philatelist Un philatéliste un peu timbré Lost
11 Tarte a le crime Tarte à la crème Lost
12 Mister Crookshank Monsieur Croquette Lost
13 Super Paparazzi Super paparazzi Lost
14 Time Masters Les maîtres du temps Lost
15 All Faked Out Trop beau pour être vrai Lost
16 Revenge of the Ape Man La revanche de l'homme singe Lost
17 The Laugh Diffuser Le diffuseur de rire Lost
18 Spur's Guns in Summerfield Des éperons à Summerfield Lost
19 Faust's Birthday L'anniversaire de Faust Lost
20 Zebra skins Drôle de zèbre Lost
21 Monkey Business at Mac Beef's Du rififi chez les Mac Beef Lost
22 Illegal Tender Billet doux Lost
23 Santa's Helpers Le gang des Pères-Noël Lost
24 Amusement Park Antics Drôle de manège Lost
25 Adrian sees Red Adrien voit rouge Lost
26 The Termites and the Man of Glass Les termites et l'homme de verre Lost
27 The House of Doctor Waxman La maison du docteur Waxman Found
28 Sherlock, Public Enemy Number One Micmac à la clinique Beausoleil Found
29 Enigma and the Image Snatcher Enigma et le voleur d'images Found
30 Doc Mafflu's Incredible Vanishing Machine La machine de Doc Mafflu Found
31 A Paler Shade of White Un vilain haut en couleur Found
32 The Mechanical Mutts Enigma contre les Cabotronics Found
33 Walter Ego Fashion Victim Walter Mango Found
34 Enigma and Faust Married Le mariage de Faust Found
35 All Black Steals the Show Opération chlorophylle Found
36 Faust Junior Faust junior Found
37 Double Trouble Enigma contre Enigma Found
38 Flower Power Crocus et les herbes folles Found
39 The Secret of the Yeti Mystères et boules de neige Found
40 Faust's Trick or Treat La nuit des monstres - 1re partie Found
41 The Underworld Strikes Back La nuit des monstres - 2e partie Found
42 Babysitting Blackmail and Videotapes Chantage en vidéo Found
43 The Secret of Little Lotus Le secret du piston précieux Found
44 Forecast for Felony Y'a plus de saisons Found
45 Beware the Pie in the Sky La revanche de Tartor Found
46 The Eye of the Dragon L'œil du dragon Found
47 Invaders from Outer Space L'extraterrestre Lost
48 Recipe for Revenge Oscar Nivore Lost
49 Stumpy Strikes It Back Le trésor de Huatepec Lost
50 No Prize for Faust La cérémonie des Oswalds Lost
51 Lessons in Larceny Les fiches pratiques du professeur Crime Lost
52 The Enigma Complex Le complexe d'Enigma Partially Found (French)




Trailer for the series in English dub.