Europolitan Vodafone (partially lost TV advertisements for CU prepaid SIM card; 2002)

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The logotype of Europolitan Vodafone.

Status: Partially Lost

Europolitan was a Swedish telecommunication company, founded in 1991.[1] On 22 May 2001 the prepaid SIM card CU (pronounced as "see you") was released and the target audience was young people aged 15 to 25.[2] In 2002 Europolitan was acquired by the British telecommunication company Vodafone and the new name for Europolitan became Europolitan Vodafone.[3]

By the spring break in 2002, two different advertisements were shown on TV in Sweden related to CU. Both advertisements were similar in structure, with a surreal situation taking place in a public place and ending with a passer-by stating that while the advertisement was a bit odd the campaign seemed satisfactory.

The first advertisement was called “Gurkrull” (roughly translated to “cucumber roll”). In this advertisement a man dressed as a mime is seen putting a cucumber in the mouth of another man, who is lying on the ground. This advertisement has been found and is available online in low resolution quality.[4]

The first advertisement, called “Gurkrull”.

The second advertisement was called “Fiskcirkus” (roughly translated to “fish circus”). In this advertisement a man dressed in a gold jacket is standing on Sergels torg in Stockholm, Sweden. He has a marionette of a real fish, on which he has attached doll legs. He requests people to come closer and tells them that they do not have to be afraid. An elderly woman walks up to him and comments that the fish looks nice. This advertisement is still lost.

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