Felix the Cat (partially lost episodes of animated series; 1959-1962)

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Felix the Cat title.JPG

The show's title card.

Status: Partially Lost

Felix the Cat is a cartoon character created during the the silent era of film in 1919 by Paramount Pictures. His creator is often disputed but is most commonly attributed to Pat Sullivan. In 1959, Felix the Cat was turned into a made-for-television series of cartoons by Trans-Lux,[1][2] after Otto Messmer (then and present owner of Felix) retired from making comic strips and was approached by his assistant, Jon Oriolo, to make the character into a TV show. Oriolo gave Felix the traits that he is now well known for, such as his magic bag of tricks and his chipper personality. Episodes were divided into two parts, an opener and a closure. The first episode started a story, while the next ended it.[3]

According to Wikipedia, a total of 126 episodes were produced, but only the first 98 of them are available on DVD and only the first 72 episodes in other media. These episodes have not been re-aired since the 1990s.

Status[edit | edit source]

The remaining episodes' whereabouts are unknown to this day, but some episodes do have their own given titles. Several of these episodes have been found on various streaming sites, labelled as Episodes 73-79. Still, due to conflicting information and a lack of sources, it is unclear if these numbers are correct. There is a possibility that prints of the missing episodes are still existent, and Paramount does not retain a copy themselves, but it is unknown if this is the case.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

# Episode Title Status Extra Notes
1 The Sea Monster and Felix Found
2 The Diamond Tree Found
3 The Leprechaun King Found Though the footage may appear as previously used footage from "The Capturing of The Leprechaun", it appears that way because they are the same episode; it was simply reused. Proof of this can be seen simply by observing that the openings are changed, in addition to the tone and that Felix is no longer reading a newspaper like in the earlier episodes, but instead a comic book of himself. The title, too, is a glaring piece of proof that this is the sought-after episode.
4 The Magic Apples Found
5 Oysters and Starfishes Found (Spanish Dub)
6 The Haunted House Found
7 Gold Dipper Vavoom Found
8 The Wizard and Sir Rock Found
9 The Coal Diamonds Found (Spanish Dub)
10 Out West with Big Brownie Found
11 Love-Sick Squirt Gun Found (Spanish Dub)
12 The Ski Jump Found (Spanish Dub)
13 Felix and the Beanstalk Found (Spanish Dub)
14 The Milky Way Lost
15 The Super Rocket Formula Found
16 The Weather Maker Found (Spanish Dub)
17 The Giant Magnet Found (Spanish Dub)
18 The Instant Truck Melter Found (Spanish Dub)
19 The Pep Pill Found (Spanish Dub)
20 Leprechaun Gold From Rainbows Found (Spanish Dub)
21 The Magnetic Ray Found
22 The Instant Grower Found
23 The Professor's Ancestor - The Wizard Found (Spanish Dub)
24 Luring the Magic Bag of Tricks Found
25 The Uranium Discovery Found (Spanish Dub)
26 Chief Standing Bull Found
27 The Strongest Robot in the World Found (Spanish Dub)
28 Stairway to the Stars Found (Spanish Dub)
29 Cleaning House Found
30 Vavoom Learns How to Fish Found
31 The Golden Nugget Found
32 The Genie Lost
33 Felix and Pointdexter Out West Found (Spanish Dub)
34 The Bad Genie Found
35 The Rajah's Zoo Found (Spanish Dub)
36 The Loan Business Found (Spanish Dub)
37 A Treasure Chest Found (Spanish Dub)
38 The Essence of Money Found (Spanish Dub)
39 Mercury's Winged Sandals Found (Spanish Dub)
40 The $10,000 Vacation Found (Spanish Dub)
41 Brother Pebble Bottom Found (Spanish Dub)
42 The North Pole and a Walrus Hunt Found
43 Cleopatra's Beauty Secrets Found (Spanish Dub)
44 The Trip Back from the North Pole Found
45 The Golden Whale Baby-sitter Found (Spanish Dub)
46 North Pole Jail Hole Found
47 Felix the Handyman Found
48 Public Enemies Number One and Two Found

References[edit | edit source]

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