Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade promotional trial maps (lost promotional DLC of Game Boy Advance tactical role-playing game; 2002)

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FE6- Graziel-Execution-Court.gif

Screenshot of the Graizel Execution Court map.

Status: Lost

Sometime during 2002, special cartridges of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade that contained at least one of four new trial maps were given out on two promotional events to select winners. The first three were rewards for a Champion's Sword event hosted by Japanese manga magazine V-Jump, while the last one was part of a ranking tournament. These maps were "Graizel Execution Court", "V-Type Original Map", "J-Type Original Map", and "Defeat Bandits". The first map was based on a location exclusive to Champion's Sword. The second and third maps were shaped like the letters V and J respectively, hence their names. The last one, judging by its name, seems to involve defeating bandits. [1]

For the V-Jump competition, 50 winners could get a cartridge containing "Graizel Execution Court", while 10 could get both the V-Type and J-Type maps. For the Ranking tournament, the highest-ranking winners could get the "Defeat Bandits" map. Due to the status of these maps, they are not present in the original game, and as mentioned above, were installed with the game's special cartridges instead.[2] These maps seem to use the XMAP data, which is a system that adds an additional sixth trial map from save data. [3]

So far, information regarding both promotional events are extremely scarce, and none of the special cartridges containing the special maps have been known to be dumped online or, at the very least, saw the light of day. All that's left of them is a single screenshot of the first map and its set amount of Player and Enemy units, as well as a magazine scan containing the second and third maps. The last one has no images available, so it is unknown as to what the map's layout actually looked like.

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