Flight Squad (partially found English dub of Canadian animated TV series; 2000)

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Flight Squad promo pic.png

A promo pic featuring the main cast.

Status: Partially Found

Flight Squad is a 2000 French/Canadian, action-adventure, animated, television series that ran for a single season and 26 episodes. In French (or Canadian-French), the show is known by the title of Air Academy and aired on M6. The English dub premiered on March 6 2000, whereas the French dub premiered on April 5 2000, then ended on July 2 that same year for the latter. The production was a collaboration amongst what was then known as CINAR Corporation (now DHX Media), Antefilms Productions, and Neurones Animation. CINAR also distributed the series. In Canada, it aired on both the French and English versions of Teletoon. While all the episodes were shown on the French Teletoon, for some reason, 15 of the episodes were aired on the English Teletoon channel but 11 others weren't. Also, for some reason, another site has the order of episodes different from the order in which they aired. That might be due to the production order being different from the air date order. The listing below shows the order of episodes by air date if that's applicable at all for the English version. "Parachute to the Rescue" is the true, last episode overall, but the last episode to air on the English Teletoon was "Ice!".

Plot[edit | edit source]

This follows a small group of mostly aspiring aviators-in-training at a flight school in Canada. They include Dan, a former fighter pilot and Canadian secret service member; Tina, his assistant; Jeff, a high school-aged student; his little sister, Emma and Alex, both of whom are the younger students; Max, a mechanic; and Parachute, a flying squirrel who is the team's pet and mascot. Aside from that, they also help others in need however they can, take on mercenaries, and carry out their duties of making sure parcels get delivered.

Episode List[edit | edit source]

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 Skynapped Mar. 6 2000 Found
2 Bigfoot Mar. 13 2000 Found
3 Trial by Fire Mar. 20 2000 Found
4 Cream of the Crop Mar. 27 2000 Lost
5 Compact Risk Apr. 3 2000 Found
6 Double Trouble Apr. 10 2000 Found
7 The Secret of the Icon Apr. 17 2000 Lost
8 Whale Rescue Apr. 24 2000 Lost
9 Uranium Express May 1 2000 Lost
10 The White She-Wolf May 8 2000 Lost
11 The Black Lagoon May 15 2000 Lost
12 The Return of the Pilot May 22 2000 Lost
13 Underground Fire May 29 2000 Lost
14 Cloud Wraith Unaired Lost
15 Top Gal Unaired Lost
16 Terror Train Unaired Lost
17 Pirates of the Frozen Sea Unaired Lost
18 One of Our Satellites Is Missing Unaired Lost
19 Leonardo De Alex Unaired Lost
20 Log Booming Unaired Lost
21 Ghost Place Unaired Lost
22 Flying Ark Unaired Lost
23 Christmas Star Unaired Lost
24 Parachute to the Rescue Unaired Lost
25 Sky Jack Jul. 2 2000 Found
26 Ice! Aug. 13 2000 Found

Availability[edit | edit source]

Seven of the episodes are available to watch on Youtube, but the 19 others remain missing and have yet to be found.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Videos[edit | edit source]

The first episode.
Commercial advertising the series.

References[edit | edit source]


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