Fraggle Rock (found unaired original opening to puppet TV series; 1982)

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Title card from the unaired opening.

Status: Found

Date found: 15 Dec '17

Found by: Micah Mitchell, The Almighty Burgertron

Fraggle Rock is a children's television series that was created by Jim Henson, primarily featuring a cast of Muppet creatures called Fraggles.

There was actually a very early demo opening sequence and theme song with additional lyrics that never aired. Terry Angus stated that the original opening "didn't explain the show very well... At that time everything was zipping by so fast they didn't show how everything was connected."


In this version, the main five Fraggle characters bang the pipes near the Fraggle Pond (a la the Pipebangers), causing Doc to observe his water pipes. Gobo peeks out of the Fraggle Hole, is noticed by Sprocket, then rushes back to the Rock, singing about how great Fraggle Rock is. In one lyric, Boober notes that "Fraggle Rock is the spot where the job that you got is 'whoopie'!"


According to a post on the Muppetcentral threads, an MP3 of the unaired theme was briefly available but has since been long gone.[1]

The unaired opening appeared on the Dance Your Cares Away: Evolution of Fraggle Rock Theme Song documentary which is available on the Fraggle Rock: The Complete Final Season DVD. A cam-rip of the opening was uploaded on December 15, 2017, by Micah Mitchell, with a DVD rip of the same opening (and other unused variations of the theme) being uploaded by The Almighty Burgertron ten days later. However, in late May 2018, The Almighty Burgertron closed his channel, deleting the video as well. On May 31, 2018, BigBobButtHeaf1995 reuploaded the video.



Reupload of the compilation.