Frankie Stein (lost production materials for unreleased Spark Plug animated film; 2008)

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The logo for Frankie Stein from Spark Plug's website.

Status: Lost

Frankie Stein is a lost 2008 American CGI film by Spark Plug Entertainment and directed by Michael Shelp. Known for making animated mockbusters of other animated films movies such as "A Car's Life: Sparky's Big Adventure," and "Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale." The only evidence of Frankie Stein's existence was a mention on Spark Plug's website[1], dating back to November 2008, stating that the film will be released in Spring, 2009. However, Spring passed and Frankie Stein was said to be "In development" around 2009/2010[2]. The website was never updated and was shut down around 2012. No known footage of animation was found, and the film remains lost. The logo for the film is the only piece of media we have left.

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