Freaky Flickers: Quest for the Golden Flicker (partially found independent animated CGI film; 2009)

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Promotional image for the film.

Status: Partially Found

Freaky Flickers: Quest for the Golden Flicker, based on the Freaky Flickers toyline, was to be a CGI animated film directed, written, and animated by Cary Howe. The film detailed the adventures of Aargh the Pirate and his crew of Flickers on a quest to find the "Golden Flicker" to pay off the debt of their creator, Doc Flick.

Production began in 2005 as a possible television series but later developed into a 90-minute feature film around February 2009. Despite it being written, directed, and animated by a single person and only having a budget of about $250,000, it was recommended to be made into a theatrical feature, in which Howe was reluctant at first, but later agreed to do so, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer decided to release the film in about 2,800 theaters.

On 9 June 2009, after Howe worked all night, he left editor David Kann with the film in his living room and went to sleep. He awoke just before 8 pm to discover that the film, all film backups, and his film equipment had been stolen by his associate and creator of the original toyline, Peter Gantner.[1]

Aside from the trailers and one scene from the movie's official Flickr (one being a PSA about saving energy and recycling)[2], no footage of the movie has been released, and it's unknown what Gantner did with the stolen material.

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Official first trailer for the movie.
The second trailer.
Scene three of the movie.

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