Friends of the Forest (lost alternate English dub of anime series; 1990s)

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Friends of the forest.jpg

Japanese DVD box art.

Status: Lost

Friends of the Forest is the second English adaptation of the Japanese anime series Rocky Chuck, the Mountain Rat. Inspired by the literary works of Thornton W. Burgess, the show was created by Nippon Animation as part of their World Masterpiece Theater programming block. The series aired for 52 episodes on Fuji TV in Japan between January and December 1973. A well known earlier English dub called Fables of the Green Forest, was produced by ZIV International and aired on TVOntario in Canada between the late 1970s and the 1980s. This version of the show has also been sold on VHS tapes as Peter Cottontail's Adventures, Peter Cottontail in the Green Forest and Peter Cottontail and Friends.

Information regarding the second adaptation is difficult to come by. Friends of the Forest aired on YTV in Canada in the mid to late 1990s and featured an entirely different voice cast, new music, and altered storylines.[1] However, the dub retained the main character's name of Rocky from the original Japanese version, whereas the first English dub renamed him, Johnny. Friends of the Forest was also shown in Malaysia.[2]

No home video releases of the second dub are known to exist, nor have any clips appeared online.