Fudêncio e Seus Amigos (partially lost Brazilian animated series; 2005-2011)

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Status: Partially Lost

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Fudêncio e Seus Amigos (lit. Fudêncio and his friends) is an adult-targeted Brazilian animated series. The series was created by Thiago Martins, Marco Pavão and Flávia Boggio for the now-extinct MTV Brasil. A total of six seasons featuring 179 episodes were produced and aired in Brazil from August 23rd, 2005 to August 25th, 2011. A movie was also planned, but never produced. [1]

After MTV Brasil ended in 2013, the series can only be watched through the internet, although some episodes are not available anywhere, with their existence only being known by episode lists. There are four lost episodes in Season 2, twelve in Season 3, two in Season 4 and two in Season 5, totalizing twenty lost episodes overall. Most of the titles are based on puns, wordplay or rhymes, and thus can be difficult to translate.

The non-official YouTube channel [Fudêncio e Seus Amigos] has collected every episode available on the internet (including some that weren't on YouTube before) from September 2017 to March 2018.


The series takes place in an elementary school, featuring a group of 9-year old friends studying in a fourth-grade class with a strict teacher, who often distributes "negative points" for her students. The characters include Fudêncio, a misbehaved plastic toy child, Conrado, an intelligent and savvy but extremely unlucky persimmon, Funérea, a depressed smoker goth, Zé Maria, a flamboyant trans girl, Safeno, a sick boy with several diseases, and Popoto, a mentally challenged 36-year old man who has repeated fourth grade for decades.

Although the school is the main setting, the kids have adventures in several other places, such as each other's houses and countless school trips. Usually, Conrado ends up arrested or otherwise in an unfortunate situation (often, but not always, unfairly), while Fudêncio gets the good ending, when he has done something bad or nothing at all.

List of Episodes

Season 1

# Episode Title Literal Translation Current Status Original airdate Earliest YouTube upload Synopsis/Notes
1 Quiprocó na Lama Confusion in the Mud Found August 23, 2005 September 8, 2010
2 Pitoco de Guache Pitoco of Gouache Found August 23, 2005 May 8, 2009
3 Malhando o Cucuruto Working out the Head Found August 23, 2005 February 21, 2011
4 Prenda Prendida Prendada Stuck Gifted Gift Found August 30, 2005 June 9, 2009
5 Cova Redonda Round Grave Found August 30, 2005 December 10, 2010
6 Ciência Caprina Caprine Science Found August 30, 2005 February 22, 2011
7 Corrida Mambembe Far away Race Found September 6, 2005 February 22, 2011
8 Astronauta de Árvore Tree Astronaut Found September 6, 2005 February 23, 2008
9 Instituto Médico Legal Legal Medical Institute Found September 6, 2005 February 22, 2011
10 Boi nos Aires Bull in the Airs Found September 13, 2005 April 10, 2007
11 Domingo nas FARC Sunday on the FARC Found September 13, 2005 February 23, 2011
12 Teatro de Cú é Rola Theater of Ass is Dick Found September 13, 2005 February 23, 2011
13 Cotas de Cocotas Quotas of Pretty Girls Found September 20, 2005 August 22, 2009
14 Aparando a Rabiola Trimming the Kite's tail Found September 20, 2005 February 14, 2012
15 Cabecedário Head Alphabet Found September 20, 2005 February 23, 2011
16 Museu da Ternura Museum of Tenderness Found September 27, 2005 October 9, 2011
17 Ponte de Safeno Safeno Bridge Found September 27, 2005 February 11, 2013
18 Tutti Fruta Tutti Fruit Found September 27, 2005 February 12, 2013
19 Código Popoto Code Popoto Found October 2, 2005 November 9, 2009
20 Baltazar é um Barato Baltazar is a Roach/Cool Guy Found October 2, 2005 December 3, 2010


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