Future GPX Cyber Formula (lost English dub of anime series; 2006)

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Cyber gpx.jpg

Promotional art.

Status: Lost

Future GPX Cyber Formula is a Japanese media franchise by Sunrise. Directed by Mitsuo Fukuda, the first series ran for 37 episodes on Nippon TV between March and December 1991. It later inspired a long series of direct-to-video series that concluded in 2000 with Future GPX Cyber Formula SIN. Bandai Entertainment released the original series on DVD in North America in 2003 solely with the Japanese audio track.[1][2]

An English dub was produced for the Asian market. It debuted on April 1, 2006, on Kids Central.[3][4] The dub was recorded locally at Voiceovers Unlimited and starred Paul Pistore, Edward Choy Keng Choong, Marian Elizabeth Spencer, and Mark R. Kaufmann.[5] It's not known if the company produced a dub for just the original series or the entire franchise.

The entire 37 episode original series was released on VCD in Singapore by Poh Kim Video on behalf of MediaLink.[6][7] This release has long since been out of print and is difficult to obtain. No footage from this dub has surfaced online.


  • Paul Pistore - Asurada, Hayato Kazami, Narrator, Hayato's father
  • Edward Choy Keng Choong - Karl Lichter von Randoll
  • Marian Elizabeth Spencer - Asuka Sugo, Kyoko Aoi, Miki Jonouchi
  • Mark R. Kaufmann - Edelhi Bootsvorz, Johjo Otomo, Knight Shoemach / Osamu Sugo, Naoki Shinjyo, Ryohei Sumi, Tetsuichirou Kurumada



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