Game Master (partially lost video games on Hartung handheld console; 1990)

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The "Impel" model of the Game Master.

Status: Partially Lost

The Game Master was a handheld game console released in the 1990s by the company Hartung. It was made to compete with Nintendo's Gameboy and Sega's Game Gear, Watara's Supervision, and Bit Corp's Gamate. It was released in Germany by Hartung themselves, and released in the United Kingdom by a company known as Systema under the name "Systema 2000." Several different models were released in France by 2 different manufacturers Videojet and Delplay. Along with different models, the game boxes were also very different in different countries.[1] Despite the name, it has no connections to the mythical Action Game Master by Active Enterprises.

Only 17 games are known to exist and only 1 remains unpreserved, due to either rarity or not actually being released to the public. On July 17th, 2020, a Twitter user uploaded screenshots of Tank War and Space Invader and were dumped and uploaded to the web archive.[2]

List of Games[edit | edit source]

Game Title Status
Bubble Boy Found
Car Racing (a.k.a. Super F-1 on the title screen) Found
Continental Galaxy (a.k.a. Continental Galaxy 2020 on title screen) Found
Dungeon Advanture (a.k.a. Dungeon Adventure on title screen) Found
Falling Block (a.k.a. Falling Block! on title screen) Found
Go Bang! (Go Bang Game) (a.k.a. GO Bang.. on title screen) Found
Hyper Space Found
Invader (a.k.a Space Invader on the title screen) Found
Kung Fu (a.k.a. Kung Fu Challenge on title screen) Found
Move It Found
Pin Ball Found
S-Race Lost
Soccer (Fuss-Ball) (a.k.a. 3on3 Soccer on title screen) Found
Space Castle Found
Tank War Found
Tennis (a.k.a. Tennis Master... on title screen) Found
Urban Champion Found

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