Gan to Gon (partially found anime series; 1971)

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Gan to Gon.png

The show's main protagonists Gan and Gon.

Status: Partially Found

Gan to Gon (ガンとゴン Gan & Gon) is a Japanese children's comedy anime series produced by Jiho Eigasha (who produced the notoriously difficult-to-find anime series, Hoshi no Ko Poron) and animated by Nihon Douga. It aired from April 5th, 1974 to August 13th, 1975, for total of 260 episodes, each around five minutes long.


Gan and Gon are a pair of oddballs on a worldwide search for treasure. Gan is an unsightly kind-hearted man of justice who loved adventure but was a bit scatterbrained. Gon only thinks about sleep but, when it comes down to it, he would come up with some really crazy ideas.


While some episodes of Hoshi no Ko Poron have been found and uploaded online, very little footage, let alone full episodes, of Gan to Gon can be found.

During a Niconico stream on December 24, 2016 called "Hoshi no Ko Poron livestream", an episode titled "Protect the Oasis" was revealed. It was later confirmed that something appearing to be the master copy had been bought on Yahoo! Auctions Japan.[1][2]


"Protect the Oasis"
"Bag of Gold Coins Came"


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