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*[[Less Than Zero (lost TV pilot based on novel; 2019)]]
*[[Less Than Zero (lost TV pilot based on novel; 2019)]]
*[[Glamorama (unreleased screenplay of unproduced film; 2010s)]]
*[[Glamorama (unreleased screenplay of unproduced film; 2010s)]]
*[[The Rules of Attraction (lost deleted scenes of film; 2002)]]
==External Link==
==External Link==

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Status: Lost

Glitterati is a short film directed by Roger Avary and starring Kip Pardue. Purdue reprises the role of the 'Victor Ward' character that appeared in Avary's 2002 film adaptation of the Brett Easton Ellis novel, The Rules of Attraction.

In the film, Victor travels around Europe, having surreal encounters with different people he meets.

The film was meant to be a lead-in to Avary’s planned (but ultimately unrealized) film adaptation of another Ellis novel, Glamorama (in which the Victor character is the protagonist).

Glitterati has never been publicly released. When asked about the topic in an interview, Ellis stated: "For many legal reasons, it will never see the light of day. You can’t really show Glitterati in public, it’s not possible. There are a lot of people who would be very upset. I don’t even know if they got permission from a lot of the people in it, which might be a big problem, why it’s only shown privately."[1]

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