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*Rosariki - Bella Hudson
*Rosariki - Bella Hudson
*Ottoriki - Darren Dunstan
*Ottoriki - Darren Dunstan
*Boboriki - David Willis
*Boboriki - David Wills
*Olgariki - Jessica Calvello
*Olgariki - Jessica Calvello
*Docoriki - David Willis
*Docoriki - David Wills
*Wolliriki - Wayne Grayson
*Wolliriki - Wayne Grayson
*Bigoriki - Mike Pollock
*Bigoriki - Mike Pollock

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A promotional image from the original series.

Status: Partially Lost

GoGoRiki is the first English adaptation of the hit Russian animated series Smeshariki. The series focuses on nine cute animal creatures: hyperactive adventurer Pogoriki (a rabbit), his best friend, level-headed collector Chikoriki (a hedgehog), beautiful fashionista Rosariki (a pig), nerdy mechanic Ottoriki (a penguin), cute and handsome farmer Boboriki (a bear), sweet cook Olgariki (an owl), brainy scientist Docoriki (a moose), somewhat nervous poet Wolliriki (a ram), and elderly artist Bigoriki (a crow) who live on an island isolated from the rest of the world. There are no villains in the series, as conflicts arise from the many whimsical situations the characters face. Ninety-two episodes were broadcasted in the USA, out of 215 that were produced in Russia.

History[edit | edit source]

GoGoRiki was one of the last few English dubs that 4Kids Entertainment did before filing for bankruptcy in 2012. When the show was discontinued on the "CW4K!ds" block after its second season in 2009, 4Kids never issued any DVDs of the show despite the cult following the show had during its run.

During 4Kids's downward financial spiral since the dub's cancellation, GoGoRiki's rights reverted back to the Russian production company, the Riki Group, who decided to do a new English dub (now with a new name Kikoriki, which is being used to this very day) which launched on YouTube on March 31st, 2010.

Recently, the Riki Group, through a new distributor, FUN Union, has decided to dub the new CG-animated series of Kikoriki in English. Two spin-offs, PinCode and Baby Riki, have also been dubbed into English. FUN Union has been posting episodes of their dubs both the original 2D series and the new CGI series on YouTube.

It is currently unknown if the Riki Group or FUN Union will release the 4Kids dub, or if they even have the episodes.

Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Pogoriki - a male sky-blue-colored rabbit and the main protagonist of Kikoriki who is eager to jump into new adventures. Pogo has a pink nose, cerulean blue eyebrows, buckteeth, and a lighter blue tail on his rear. Pogo is crazy and optimistic. His birthday is December 29.
  • Chikoriki - a male magenta-colored hedgehog who is Krash's best friend and has a shy and cautious personality. His hair is dark purple and spiky and wears purple glasses. He likes collecting, pyramid building, and his cacti. Chiko also has a violet-red nose and eyebrows. While Pogo is the brawn, Chiko is the brain. His birthday is February 14.
  • Rosariki - a female light pink-colored pig who is described as a fashionista due to her gender. Her lifelong dream is to become famous such as that of a princess, pop star, and a supermodel. Rosa has red hair with a white cherry-blossom on it, a carnation-pink snout, heart-shaped rosy pink cheeks, and red eyelids. She also has hands and feet on the edges of her arms and legs that are pink. Rosa is beautiful and sweet. Her birthday is July 13.
  • Ottoriki - a male black-and-white penguin of a German origin, who is a self-taught inventor. He also has a robot son named Roboriki. Otto wears a brown pilot hat with burgundy glasses attached in the front and his feet and beak are red. Otto is nerdy and laid-back. His birthday is August 9.
  • Boboriki - a male orange-colored bear with a southern accent who lives as a farmer. Bobo is also a beekeeper and accordion musician. Bobo wears a yellow farmer's hat with a round-edged brim, and has a brown nose, round circular cheeks underneath his eyes, black eyebrows, and a beige tail on his rear. His favorite food is honey, and he has a huge heart. He also has occasional honey binges, which isn't good for him, because it make him sick. Bobo is cute and handsome. His birthday is October 8.
  • Olgariki - a female purple-colored owl who often helps with her useful advice and wisdom. She acts like a caring grandma. She also loves spinning tunes and doing her job as a DJ. Olga also is darker purple as seen on the top of her head. Olga wears a red-violet and orange-striped hat with a puffy ball on top, and has darker purple three-toed feet. She is also a doctor in the Round Country. Olga is sweet and sincere. Her birthday is September 15.
  • Docoriki - a male golden-yellow-colored moose who is an eccentric and nerdy scientist. He also speaks with a British accent. Doco has an orange nose and his horns and eyebrows are sepia-brown. His birthday is May 25.
  • Wolliriki - a male lavender-colored ram. Wolli writes poetry and has an unrequited love for Rosa. Wolli has purple eyebrows, horns, a pudgy and ram-like nose, and darker purple hoof-like feet on the top of his hands and feet. Wolli is nervous and stressed. His birthday is April 29.
  • Bigoriki - a male dark blue-colored crow who is Olga's friend. Bigo is a retired traveler with aristocratic mannerisms. He plays the piano and also enjoys his life as an artist. Bigo wears a navy-blue bow tie. His beak is yellow and his eyelids and feet are pink. Bigo also has a tail on his rear. Bigo is lazy and sadistic. His birthday is March 3.

Voice Cast of 4Kids Dub[edit | edit source]

  • Pogoriki - Dan Green
  • Chikoriki - Jason Griffith
  • Rosariki - Bella Hudson
  • Ottoriki - Darren Dunstan
  • Boboriki - David Wills
  • Olgariki - Jessica Calvello
  • Docoriki - David Wills
  • Wolliriki - Wayne Grayson
  • Bigoriki - Mike Pollock
  • Roboriki - (uncredited)

Other voices[edit | edit source]

  • Lily - Kether Donohue
  • Docoriki's Evil Clone - David Wills
  • Shadow Prince Loveamore - Eric Stuart
  • Additional Voices - Brian Tyler, Kether Donohue

Episode Availability[edit | edit source]

Seventy-five full episodes of the dub have been found, along with one partial episode. All of the complete episodes have been uploaded to Dailymotion by a user named Sausage Mahoney, while four episodes ("The Big Race", "Bubble or Nothing", "Germs of Endearment", and "A Rosariki by Any Other Name") were originally uploaded to Russian social media site VK by various users. So far, only a partial clip of the episode "Snore Energy" has been found.

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 The Big Race Sep 27th, 2008 Found
2 A Gift for Rosariki Sep 27th, 2008 Found
3 The Telegraph Sep 27th, 2008 Found
4 Extra! Extra! Oct 4th, 2008 Found
5 Magnetism Oct 4th, 2008 Found
6 Treasure Hunt Oct 4th, 2008 Found
7 The Sweetness of Honey Oct 11th, 2008 Found
8 The Lucky One Oct 11th, 2008 Found
9 Pollution Solution Oct 11th, 2008 Found
10 Pyramid Scheme Oct 18th, 2008 Found
11 It's About Time Oct 18th, 2008 Found
12 Dreams in the Sky Oct 18th, 2008 Found
13 The Beauty Within Oct 25th, 2008 Found
14 The Magic Trick Oct 25th, 2008 Found
15 Bad Manners Oct 25th, 2008 Found
16 Woe is Wolli Nov 1st, 2008 Found
17 Scary Stories Nov 1st, 2008 Found
18 A Hair Scare Nov 1st, 2008 Found
19 Double Doco Nov 8th, 2008 Found
20 The Piano Nov 8th, 2008 Found
21 Sweet Lily Nov 8th, 2008 Found
22 Star Gazing Nov 15th, 2008 Found
23 Me, Myself, and Island Nov 15th, 2008 Found
24 Bad Hair Day Nov 15th, 2008 Found
25 Movie Madness Nov 22nd, 2008 Found
26 What a Chore Nov 22nd, 2008 Found
27 Promises Nov 22nd, 2008 Found
28 Potential Disaster Nov 29th, 2008 Found
29 Scent of a Wolli Nov 29th, 2008 Found
30 Weather or Not Nov 29th, 2008 Found
31 Big Trouble Dec 6th, 2008 Found
32 The Forgotten Memory Dec 6th, 2008 Found
33 Ice and Cool Dec 6th, 2008 Found
34 Snow Daze Dec 13th, 2008 Found
35 Operation Santa Claus Dec 20th, 2008 Found
36 Happy New Year Dec 27th, 2008 Found
37 Truffle Trouble Feb 21st, 2009 Found
38 Pluto's Hero Feb 21st, 2009 Found
39 The Funhouse Feb 21st, 2009 Found
40 The Costume Party Feb 28th, 2009 Found
41 Bobo and the Bees Feb 28th, 2009 Found
42 Social Butterfly Feb 28th, 2009 Found
43 Recipes for Life Mar 7th, 2009 Found
44 Sinking Feeling Mar 7th, 2009 Found
45 The Collector Mar 7th, 2009 Found
46 Face the Music Mar 14th, 2009 Found
47 Girls and Boys Mar 14th, 2009 Found
48 Sleepy Time Mar 14th, 2009 Found
49 Sick and Desired Mar 21st, 2009 Found
50 Misery Loves Company Mar 21st, 2009 Found
51 Just for Kicks, Part One Mar 21st, 2009 Found
52 Just for Kicks, Part Two Mar 28th, 2009 Found
53 Flying and Lying Mar 28th, 2009 Found
54 Friend or Foe Mar 28th, 2009 Found
55 Picture Perfect Aug 22nd, 2009 Found
56 Tae Kwon Pogo Aug 22nd, 2009 Found
57 Gone Fishing Aug 22nd, 2009 Found
58 Fireworks Aug 29th, 2009 Found
59 Security Umbrella Aug 29th, 2009 Found
60 Flat Chance Aug 29th, 2009 Found
61 Bubble or Nothing Sep 5th, 2009 Found
62 Germs of Endearment Sep 5th, 2009 Found
63 A Rosariki by Any Other Name Sep 5th, 2009 Found
64 Fate Expectations Sep 12th, 2009 Lost
65 Showtime Showdown Sep 12th, 2009 Lost
66 Pretty as a Picture Sep 19th, 2009 Lost
67 The Dream Team Sep 19th, 2009 Lost
68 Treasure Stunt Sep 19th, 2009 Lost
69 Wolli's Singing Well Sep 26th, 2009 Found
70 On a Roll Sep 26th, 2009 Found
71 Deep Dark Secrets Sep 26th, 2009 Found
72 Tough Luck Oct 3rd, 2009 Found
73 Happy Daze Oct 3rd, 2009 Found
74 Who's Sorry Now Oct 3rd, 2009 Found
75 Home Away From Home Oct 10th, 2009 Found
76 Quackleaf Blues Oct 10th, 2009 Found
77 Spaced Out, Part One Oct 10th, 2009 Found
78 Spaced Out, Part Two Oct 17th, 2009 Lost
79 History in the Faking Oct 17th, 2009 Lost
80 Sweet Temptation Oct 17th, 2009 Lost
81 A Work in Progress Oct 24th, 2009 Lost
82 From Zero to Hero Oct 24th, 2009 Lost
83 Reach for the Stars Oct 24th, 2009 Lost
84 Down on His Luck Oct 31st, 2009 Lost
85 Dream Maker Oct 31st, 2009 Lost
86 Snore Energy Oct 31st, 2009 Partially Found
87 Poetry Emotion Nov 7th, 2009 Lost
88 Cooking up a Storm Nov 7th, 2009 Lost
89 Sun Spots Nov 7th, 2009 Lost
90 Topsy Turvy Nov 14th, 2009 Found
91 Silent Treatment Nov 14th, 2009 Found
92 Destination Frustration Nov 14th, 2009 Found

Additional Details[edit | edit source]

A user, Terry the Cat, recently had a conversation with Mike Pollock, the voice of Bigoriki in the dub. Pollock confirmed that the new CG series is being dubbed. He even reprises his role as Bigoriki, now called Carlin, in the new Kikoriki dub. He also confirmed that he voices Boboriki, now called Barry, and that Wayne Grayson reprises his role as Wolliriki, now called Wally. He also confirmed that two feature-length films had also been dubbed into English, with a third on the way. Pollock, however, does not know where the episodes of the 4Kids dub are.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Clip from "Snore Energy".
Tad I Guess's video on the subject.

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