Gogola (lost Bollywood monster movie; 1966)

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The one known image of the monster

If there ever was an obscure film, Gogola fits the bill. A Bollywood clone of Gojira, it seems to be the only monster movie to come from Bollywood and was released in 1966. As it is, there is almost no information about this movie save a single article, and it seems there are no know copies of the movie left in existence. However, the soundtrack has somehow survived, and all four tracks are readily available.

(On a personal note, I did find a fairly detailed description of this movie once, but it seems the page has been taken down, so this description is from memory.) The movie starts with a group of beach going teens seeing the titular monster and running to the police, who refuse to believe them. No one listens to them until the monster comes ashore and raids a city. Nothing can stop it, and it trashes the city before going back to the sea. A scientist(possible associated with the teens) discovers a poison that can destroy the monster, and goes against the wishes of his lover to kill it. His rival follows him down and kills him, planning to steal the fame and the girlfriend. Unlucky for him, Gogola kills him before dying from the poison. Where the music comes in is unknown.

The poster used to advertise the movie

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