Good Bad or Bad Bad (partially lost YouTube talk show; 2015-ongoing)

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Gb or bb.jpeg

Thumbnail from one episode of Good Bad or Bad Bad.

Status: Partially Lost

Good Bad or Bad Bad is a comedy YouTube talk-show series going on since 2015, which was created and hosted by the content creators Kyle Hinton and Bryan Schilligo.[1]


According to the channel description:

" Good Bad or Bad Bad is a movie review show where we watch the most godawful movies we can find and laugh about them. Then we decide if they are "Good Bad" or just plain "Bad Bad." "[2]


Good Bad or Bad Bad playlist, like mostly youtube series about reviewing movies, the show has lost episodes thanks to copyright takedowns. According to a statement made on Facebook:

"Sad news. If you’re looking for our Satan’s Little Helper review it’s no longer available."


9 of 125 episodes got copyright strike, out of those, only two got recovered by the own channel.

Lost Episodes List

# Episode Title Status
1 28 - Double Down


2 40 - I Am Here.... Now


3 50 - Steve's Hollywood Story


4 51 - Sherry Wang Quadrilogy


5 55 - Sleepwalkers


6 75 - Twisted Pair


7 80 - Satan's Little Helper



Satan's little helper copyright strike.

Recovered Videos

Recovered "Fateful Findings" episode.
Recovered "Pass Thru" episode.