Goosebumps Gold (unreleased Goosebumps book series; 2000)

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Goosebumps Gold logo.png

Logo for the Goosebumps Gold series.

Status: Lost

Goosebumps Gold was a planned entry in the Goosebumps franchise of books. The series was going to be written by series creator and novelist R.L. Stine and was set to follow Goosebumps Series 2000.


In the 1990s, Scholastic and Parachute Press each shared partial rights to the Goosebumps franchise. In 1997, Scholastic accused Parachute Press of overstepping their legal rights to the franchise. Both companies filed suit against each other, and a long legal battle ensued. As a result of the legal battle and the waning popularity of the Goosebumps series, author R.L. Stine's contract with Scholastic was allowed to expire early in the year 2000. After this, no new Goosebumps books would be written or published until an agreement reached. Any books that were in production at this time were cancelled.

Goosebumps Gold was announced in January of 2000; Parachute Press and HarperCollins announced that they had reached a deal with R.L. Stine to publish two new series: The Nightmare Room and Goosebumps Gold. Both Parachute Press and HarperCollins had worked with R.L. Stine to publish his 1999 book Nightmare Hour, a collection of short scary stories (separate from the Goosebumps franchise).

For unknown reasons, possibly licensing issues, Goosebumps Gold was never released. In 2003, the legal dispute between Scholastic and Parachute Press ended when Scholastic purchased all of the rights to the Goosebumps franchise. This eventually allowed for the creation of the series Goosebumps HorrorLand in 2008.


Twelve books were planned for the series, but only concept art for two books was released. Series artist Tim Jacobus posted concept art for two planned books in the series. One book was titled The Haunted Mask Lives! and was rumored to be a follow up of The Haunted Mask II, a book from the original series. Another book was titled Happy Holidays From Dead House which would have been a sequel to the first Goosebumps book, Welcome to Dead House. (It is possible that plot elements from this book were used in the Goosebumps Most Wanted book The 12 Screams of Christmas.) A new Night of the Living Dummy sequel, Slappy New Year, was also planned. While no cover art for this book has ever been revealed, a monochrome illustration of Slappy is featured on Tim Jacobus' webpage for Goosebumps Gold. Slappy New Year! (with an added exclamation point) is also the title of the eighteenth book in the Goosebumps HorrorLand series, published in 2010. It's speculated that this book has a completely different plot than the cancelled Goosebumps Gold book.

It is possible that the cancelled Goosebumps Series 2000 book The Incredible Shrinking Fifth Grader could have been published as part of Goosebumps Gold. However, Stine eventually reworked The Incredible Shrinking Fifth Grader into the stand-alone book The Adventures of Shrinkman, released late in the year 2000.

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