Gore (cancelled Netflix biography film; 2018)

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Gore is an unreleased Netflix biography film about writer Eugene Luther Gore Vidal, based on the biography Empire of Self: A Life of Gore Vidal, written by Jay Parini. The film was to be released in 2018 before its cancellation in November 2017 due to reports of lead actor, Kevin Spacey, allegedly being involved instances of sexual misconduct.


Eugene Luther Gore Vidal was an American writer and public intellectual, mainly focusing on society and politics. He is most known for writing his essays, however he also wrote novels, plays, and screenplays. Additionally, he ran for public office twice, once for the United States Congress in 1960 and again for the United States Senate in 1982.[1]


In October 2017, actor Anthony Rapp alleged that Kevin Spacey, who played the titular role in the film, made sexual advances on Rapp, then 14. Following this report, multiple other professionals who have worked with Spacey also alleged him having engaged in sexual misconduct. Netflix and Media Rights Capital, a film and television studio, both cut ties with him days later. While his character will be written out of the upcoming season of Netflix series House of Cards, in which he plays the lead character, Netflix chose to completely pull the plug on Gore. The film was in post-production, with no promotional material or clips released, at the time.[2]


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Anonymous user #1

15 days ago
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The story here's very similar to what happened to Bill Cosby 77... Still, I wonder why they couldn't have simply recast Spacey's character.


15 days ago
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My best guess is that he was playing the lead in a scripted film that had just finished filming when this broke out, so they'd have to reshoot almost the entire movie. Maybe they'll do the movie again at some point, but they'd probably wait a little bit because of financial reasons/availability of the other actors. They did recast his role in another film, but he played a more minor role in that one, so it was a lot more feasible.


15 days ago
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Every time a new person is revealed to have done this stuff it becomes slightly more depressing.
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