Green Day's 'Cigarettes and Valentines' (partially found album; 2003)

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A photo of the band.

Status: Partially Found

Cigarettes and Valentines is an unreleased album by pop-punk band Green Day, recorded in 2003. Meant to be a follow-up to their 2000 album Warning, the master recordings were stolen close to the conclusion of production.[1] Instead of re-recording the album, the band decided to move on and create something different, resulting in American Idiot. The band eventually considered this "a blessing in disguise", saying that Cigarettes and Valentines wasn't "maximum Green Day".[2][3]


Bassist Mike Dirnt admitted that backups had been made of the masters, but claimed that they "just [weren't] the same as the originals", and the band ended up doing nothing with them. There was speculation that the copies had been reworked into Money Money 2020, an album released by The Network, but lead vocalist/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong denied any connection between the two projects.

In a 2016 interview, the band elaborated on the status of the album. While the rough mixes were eventually recovered, Armstrong claimed that the album was "pretty much in the vault right now" and, apart from a handful of songs such as the titular "Cigarettes and Valentines", said it was unlikely that they would officially release the album. According to Dirnt, the band tends to "look forward rather than reaching back".[4]

Out of the twenty songs recorded for the album, only five have been released in some form or played live by the band. "Cigarettes and Valentines" and "Olivia" were played live during the 21st Century Breakdown World Tour, although only "Cigarettes and Valentines" was released on their live album Awesome As Fuck. "Too Much Too Soon" also saw an official release as a B-side for the American Idiot single. "Walk Away" and "Youngblood" were re-recorded and put on the 2012 album ¡Tre! and the 2016 album Revolution Radio respectively.


"Cigarettes and Valentines" live performance.
"Olivia" live performance.
"Too Much Too Soon"
"Walk Away"