Gremlins (lost build of cancelled Atari arcade movie tie-in game; 1984)

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Gremlins 1984 Arcade Arari.jpg

A draft of what the cabinet could've looked like.

Status: Lost

Gremlins is a cancelled arcade game based on the hit 1984 horror-comedy film of the same name. The game would have included three segments:

  • Playing as Lynne Peltzer, you defend your kitchen against the Gremlin onslaught.
  • Playing as Billy Peltzer, you melt Gremlins using your flashlight outside in the streets.
  • Playing as Gizmo, the game switches to a top-down view of the Mogwai driving his pink convertible throughout the Montgomery Ward department store, navigating through maze-like aisles, shooting obstacles until finally reaching Stripe in the fountain. There is no boss battle or boss fight; players just go back to the first level with an increased difficulty.

The game was meant to be released back in 1985, but it was cancelled for unknown reasons.[1]

Minimal footage has been released online, but no prototypes or other information of the game has resurfaced.


The only known gameplay of the game courtesy of Atari Age.