Gremlins (lost build of cancelled Atari arcade movie tie-in game; 1984)

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Gremlins 1984 Arcade Arari.jpg

Status: Cancelled/Lost

Gremlins is a cancelled arcade game based on the hit 1984 horror-comedy film of the same name. The game would included the three segments:

  1. You played Lynne Peltzer, defending your kitchen against the gremlin onslaught.
  2. You switch to Billy Peltzer and melt gremlins with your flashlight outside in the streets.
  3. Now you take the role of Gizmo, and the game switches to a top-down view of Gizmo driving his pink convertible through Montgomery Ward department store, navigating through maze-like aisles, shooting obstacles, until finally reaching Stripe in the fountain. There is no battle, or boss fight, you just go back to the first level with an increased difficulty.

The game was meant to be released back in 1985, but it was cancelled for unknown reasons.[1]

Only footage of the game released online and no prototypes or even other information of the game have surfaced.

The only known gameplay of the game courtesy of Atari Age.

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