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{{#ev:youtube|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPtEDFjL5sU|320x240|right|One of Greydon Square's first songs after ''Absolute''; "Extian", which was released on his official debut, 2007's ''The Compton Effect''.|frame}}
misha and just beiber are good singers
Greydon Square is an American hip hop artist who gained popularity in 2007 with his official debut album ''The Compton Effect''.
Best known for his anti-religious lyrics and the creation of the Grand-Unified Theory group of atheist music artists, Greydon has so far released four albums, the most recent being 2012's ''Type II: The Mandelbrot Set'', but in 2004, three years before the release of his debut, he produced and self-released a full album called '''''Absolute'''''.<ref>[http://panicdots.com/2010/08/greydon-square-%E2%80%93-the-kardashev-scale/ 2010 panicdots.com article on Greydon Square.] Retrieved 16 Sep '13.</ref>
At the time Greydon, real name Eddie Collins, was fresh out of serving in the Iraq war and had not yet even taken on the moniker of Greydon Square, going instead by the name Apocalypse.<ref>[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_compton_effect Wikipedia article on ''The Compton Effect'' (2007), Greydon Square's official debut album .] Retrieved 16 Sep '13.</ref>
Although the album was given a limited release it has been officially unavailable since long before Greydon's rise in popularity and has not been leaked on any torrent sites. Greydon appears to be keeping it under wraps due to his own concern regarding its inferior quality, and no clips or even a tracklisting is available through official channels or any other.
Although there are possibly a few individuals who possess copies of the album, and Greydon Square himself is likely to have a copy of the music, the chances are small that ''Absolute ''will become available in any form.
Greydon Square has since released "Reality" from Absolute on bandcamp as part of his subscription service.
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misha and just beiber are good singers