Halo: Chronicles (lost build of cancelled Xbox 360 episodic game; 2006-2009)

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Halo chronicles.jpg

Mock up of the game's cover.

Status: Lost

Halo: Chronicles was a cancelled video game that was meant to be developed by WingNut Interactive for the Xbox 360. It was originally announced on September 27th, 2006 at Microsoft's Xbox convention, X06,[1] but on June 24th, 2009, Peter Jackson stated in an interview that the game was cancelled.[2]

Gameplay and Story[edit | edit source]

Halo: Chronicles would have apparently been more of an interactive episodic movie with limited interaction. Depending on what choices the player would make during interactive segments, they could get different endings. Additionally, the story would have possibly focused on the character John-117 (Master Chief).

Existence[edit | edit source]

No footage or screenshots of the game have surfaced. In fact, very little has surfaced at all apart from a fan-made cover for the game.

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