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A publicity shot of Heart Of The City, circa 1986.

Status: Partially found

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Heart Of The City was an American police drama series that aired on the ABC from September 20, 1986 to January 10, 1987. It is perhaps known to some people for featuring Christina Applegate right before she landed the role of Kelly Bundy on the sitcom Married...With Children. Thirteen episodes were aired of the show, but only a snippet of an episode and two promo ads exist online.


The show revolves around a cop called Wes Kennedy (Robert Desiderio) who works through the night to spend the day with his two teenage children, Kevin (Jonathan Ward) and Robin (Christina Applegate) after the murder of his wife.


Only a brief snippet of one episode exists of the show online, showing Applegate's character sobbing after allegedly being set up by a narc at school as she tells her father/Desiderio's character what happened. Apart from this, a few promos as well as some publicity shots of the cast exist of the show.

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