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i remember this didney movie
|title=<center>Hercules in the Underworld</center>
|image=Hercules in the Underworld.png
|imagecaption=Promo screenshot from a SIGGRAPH document.
|status=<span style="color:red;">'''Lost'''</span>
When DisneyQuest opened at Walt Disney World in 1998, it had an attraction called '''''Hercules in the Underworld'''''. This attraction was a virtual reality arcade game using the CAVE system, which involved enclosing players within multiple screens and wearing 3D glasses.<ref>[http://www.mobygames.com/game/arcade/hercules-in-the-underworld MobyGames' page on the arcade game.] Retrieved November 27th, 2017</ref>
Four players worked on a team, with one player playing as Hercules, Megara, Philoctetes, and Pegasus each. They journeyed throughout the Underworld and gathered lightning bolts, while seeking out Pain and Panic. When they find the henchmen, they also find a minecart full of lightning bolts, which they then ride to Hades's lair. Pegasus pulls the cart, and the others throw the bolts at Hades.
The game was removed in 2000 and replaced with another CAVE based game called ''Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for Buccaneer Gold''. The hardware was likely dismantled, but Disney rarely just throws away their intellectual properties, so the game software likely still exists somewhere.
Since DisneyQuest's closure in 2017, it's unknown where the software for its former attractions exist.
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i remember this didney movie