Heroes: Legend of the Battle Disks (found English dub of anime series; 2015)

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Heroes legend of the battle disks logo card.png

Title card for the series.

Status: Lost

Heroes: Legend of the Battle Disks is a 26 episode anime series created by the Japanese animation studio Asahi Productions and the Spanish toy manufacturer Magic Box. Originally announced in 2013 for a release later that year, the series would only begin to see distribution midway through 2015.[1] Despite initial projections expecting it to generate $370 million in revenue and air in 28 countries, the series has only been released in a small handful of markets.[2] To date, it has yet to be released in either of its home countries, though both the Spanish and Japanese versions were made available to stream on Netflix in Latin America in July 2015.[3] Heroes: Legend of the Battle Disks is distributed internationally by Marvista Entertainment.[4]

An English version of the series was produced in Los Angeles, USA and debuted in South East Asia on HBO Family on November 23, 2015.[5][6] The series has also aired in South Africa on eToonz+.[7] The two channels ocasionally rerun the series.[8] As of 2017, Heroes: Legend of the Battle Disks has yet to be released in North America, Europe or Australia. The series hasn't been released on home video and no clips from the English dub have surfaced online.


  • Darrel Guilbeau as Gael[9]
  • Sean Chiplock as Yungel[10]
  • Faye Mata as Sophie[11]


English sales trailer from Marvista Entertainment
HBO Family Asia trailer