Het Dwaallicht (found Belgian film; 1973)

Het Dwaallicht
The cover of the film's DVD release.
The cover of the film's DVD release.
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Date found Unknown
Found by UniversCine.be

Het Dwaallicht (Will O' the Wisp) is a 1973 Belgian film directed by Frans Buyens, based on the better-known novel of the same name by Willem Elsschot.


Het Dwaallicht follows an old man named Laarmans who is discontented with his family life and spends his evening wandering around Antwerp's red-light district. One evening, three Pakistan sailors approach him and ask for his help to find a certain girl named Maria, who seems to be non-existent. Although they never find the girl, she does appear in illusions by the men. The search turns out to be a metaphor for searching their inner-self and social contact. [1].

Technical Aspects


  • Date of release: 15-11-1973
  • Countries of origin: Belgium, Netherlands
  • Genre: Psychological drama
  • Distributor: Gofilex
  • Production companies: Iris Films Dacapo / Appletree Filmproductions
  • Lenght: 108 minutes
  • Shot on: 35mm



  • Romain Deconinck - Laarmans
  • Eva Kant - Maria van Dam
  • Mazhar Hussein Sjeikh - Ali
  • Dora van der Groen - Miss Laarmans
  • Fred Van Kuyk - Police officer

Also featuring: Niza Faruqi, Hélène Present, Shafiq Ahmed, Ronnie Commissaris, Sies Foletta, Tim Beekman and Cois Senne



  • Director - Frans Buyens
  • Producer - Frans Buyens
  • Producer - Max Appelboom
  • Camera - Hans Simons
  • Camera - Fred Tammes
  • Camera - Hans den Bezemer
  • Editing - Dirk Van Den Eynden
  • Editing - Arsène Souffriau
  • Editing - Klaus Jürgen Kramer
  • Production manager - Patrick De Hooghe
  • Script - Rita Van Den Driessche
  • Stage director - Jef Van De Water
  • Cinematography - Fred Tammes
  • Production lead - Jaap van Rij
  • Sound - Kees Linthorst
  • Sound - Henri Morelle
  • Directing assistant - Dirk Van Den Eynden
  • Directing assistant - Klaus Jürgen Kramer
  • Clothes designer - Danielle Sandrard
  • Art-director - Luc Monheim
  • Make-up - Claudine Thyrion


Little else was known about the film apart from the cast and producer[5]. Information about the film was next to non-existent. Very few images related to the film can be found on the internet. As of today, no physical copy of the DVD release was resurfaced and the film has never been redistributed in any other form.

The film can currently be streamed on UniversCine thought this is only available to Belgian audience members. [6] The DVD pop-ups every now and then on Dutch/Belgian marketplaces and it is occasionally shown on TV like the Belgian TV network: één. It is also one of the many movies in the collection of the Dutch cinema/movie museum, EYE. [7]



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Rare collector

1 months ago
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Maybe a little unrelated, but I found this talk about the film https://www....llicht-1973/. Maybe someone who knows Dutch can find something helpful from the talk.


1 months ago
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I happen to be Dutch, to sum up what has been discussed:

The hosts were talking about the history of Belgian cinema and regarding to the movie, they talked a bit about the plot, some of the cast and the soundtrack. But the most helpful part is that they mentioned the movie can be streamed at UniversCine.be though it is only available to the Belgian audience.


1 months ago
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Whoever edited the page,

It is found, you are right about that. But Tyrozaphy just translated the Belgian article into English and said that it could be found on this website. He didn't actually found it, the people who worked on the website found it


1 months ago
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I edited the page. I misunderstand the meaning of who can be credited for something being Found which is a mistake of my own. I'm glad you edited and changed aspects, then UniversCine indeed holds the title of founder.

Date found is indeed unknown as they don't mention that when adding films.


29 days ago
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  • Insert Russian Felix the cat bootleg joke here*

Anonymous user #1

29 days ago
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May I ask, what does this have to do with Felix the Cat?
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