Hollywood Squares (lost pilot of NBC game show; existence unconfirmed; 1966)

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The Parks pilots logo

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

Hollywood Squares was an american game show created by the late Merrill Heatter and Bob Quigley, that premiered on NBC on October 17, 1966 and would last 38 years across syndication with the most recent version ending on June 4, 2004. On April 15, 1965, a pilot for The Hollywood Squares was shot with Bert Parks as the host instead of Peter Marshall, along with many of its first regulars: Charley Weaver, Rose Marie, Wally Cox, Abby Dalton, and Morey Amsterdam along with Gisele Mackenzie, Jim Backus, Vera Miles and Robert Q. Lewis making up the nine boxes. The gameplay was very similar to the actual series as well. The contestants played the best two out of three match, and each completed game was worth $250 with the winner returning in the next match. According to the book Backstage With The Original Hollywood Square, host Peter Marshall claimed there was a second pilot taped with comedian Sandy Baron as host. Marshall also claims that he was in the audience of the pilot.[1] The cover of the book where the pilot information was disclosed Although the Bert Parks pilot exists and found it's way online, As of 2020, it has not been officially confirmed if the Sandy Baron pilot was ever shot although Baron would appear on the actual show itself as a panelist.

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The pilot hosted by Bert Parks.

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