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== '''Article additions''' ==
== '''Article additions''' ==
*'''[[‎‎Mysticons (lost initial version of animated series; 2013-2015)]]''' Added 29 April 2017 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Taxi Driver - Climax Scene (lost original version; 1976)]]''' Added 16 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*'''[[‎‎Avatar: Legends of the Arena (lost online game; 2008)]]''' Added 28 April 2017 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Super Mario World: Mario Attack (lost arcade game; 1996)]]''' Added 16 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*'''[[‎‎Alien Musibat (partially found Animax dub of Urusei Yatsura; dates unknown)]]''' Added 26 April 2017 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Space Alien Pipi (partially found live-action/anime series; 1965-1966)]]''' Added 15 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*'''[[‎Disney Channel Interactive (lost Dish Network game channel; 2007-unknown)]]''' Added 25 April 2017 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Mario Roulette (lost arcade game; 1991)]]''' Added 15 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*'''[[‎‎Three 6 Mafia - Laws Of Power (partially lost cancelled album; 2009-2011)]]''' Added 23 April 2017 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Noveltoons "Spree for All" (lost original color print of animated short; 1946)]]''' Added 15 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[‎Tokyo Godfathers (lost Animax Asia English dub of anime film; mid-2000's)]] Added 22 April 2017
*'''[[Crash Test Dummies (partially found British TV series; 2007)]]''' Added 14 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[‎‎‎WildTangent (partially found PC/online games; 1999-2007)]] Added 21 April 2017
*'''[[Nicktropolis (lost Nickelodeon MMORPG; 2007-2010)]]''' Added 14 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[‎Speed Racer Lives (lost web series; 2006)]] Added 21 April 2017
*'''[[Command & Conquer: Red Alert Alliances (cancelled browser game; 2012)]]''' Added 14 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[‎‎‎Shiden (lost English dub of anime pilot; 2007)]] Added 21 April 2017
*'''[[The Twilight Zone "The Mighty Casey" original cut (lost unaired original version of TV episode; 1960)]]''' Added 14 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[‎Sonic The Hedgehog: Awakening (cancelled video game; late 2000s)]] Added 20 April 2017
*'''[[Dynablocks/Roblox (lost beta builds of online game; 2005-2007)]]''' Added 13 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[‎‎Napoleon Dynamite - Sundance version (lost alternate cut of comedy film; 2004)]] Added 20 April 2017
*'''[[Zhanyin Lorra (unreleased VOCALOID voicebank; 2014-2015)]]''' Added 13 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[‎‎I'll Try Anything Once (partially found Voom HD original series; 2008)]] Added 20 April 2017
*'''[[Looney Tunes: By A Hare (cancelled arcade game; 1993)]]''' Added 12 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[‎‎Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal (Unreleased alternate English dub; 2012)]] Added 19 April 2017
*'''[[Chadtronic - unreleased videos (partially found content of let's play/reaction YouTube channel; 2013-2016)]]''' Added 11 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[‎‎Live in a Pool of Booze (Lost Volbeat Concert DVD; 2007)]] Added 19 April 2017
*'''[[Scare PewDiePie 2 (lost YouTube Red series; 2016)]]''' Added 11 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[‎‎Ślizgawka w Łazienkach (lost Polish silent film; 1894-1896)]] Added 17 April 2017
*'''[[Humongous (lost pilot of Nickelodeon game show; early 1990s)]]''' Added 10 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[‎Nintendo Campus Challenge 1991 (Nintendo game competition ROM; 1991)]] Added 17 April 2017
*'''[[THX "Make Your Own Trailer" Contest (lost entries from contest; 2006-2007)]]''' Added 10 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[‎‎Breakfast with Bear (lost episodes of Playhouse Disney series; 2005)]] Added 16 April 2017
*'''[[Go For It (lost pilot for Nickelodeon game show; early 1990s)]]''' Added 10 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[‎The Apprentice (alleged lewd outtakes with Donald Trump; 2004-2015; Existence Unconfirmed)]] Added 15 April 2017
*'''[[Camp Nick (lost pilot of Nickelodeon game show; mid-1990s)]]''' Added 10 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[‎Mr. Squiggle (partially lost Australian puppet TV series; 1959-1999)]] Added 15 April 2017
*'''[[Generation Gap (lost Nickelodeon game show pilot; early 1990s)]]''' Added 10 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[‎Dragon Hopper (cancelled Virtual Boy game; 1995-1996)]] Added 15 April 2017
*'''[[Who Knew? (lost pilot of Nickelodeon game show; 1998)]]''' Added 10 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[‎‎Mars Argo - "Dinghy / Sheraton / I'm Living it" (partially found song; 2013-2014)]] Added 14 April 2017
*'''[[Monkey See, Camping Doo (lost original pilot of Camp Lazlo!; 2004)]]''' Added 9 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[‎‎The Mountain Eagle (lost silent Alfred Hitchcock film; 1927)]] Added 12 April 2017
*'''[[Avenged Sevenfold 'Nightmare' (partially found demo version of album; 2009)]]''' Added 9 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[‎Disney's Doug (partially lost animated series; 1996-1999)]] Added 11 April 2017
*'''[[Thomas & Friends: Day of the Diesels (original cut of direct to DVD film; existence uncomfirmed; 2011)]]''' Added 8 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[‎Every Nigger is a Star (lost Calvin Lockhart film; 1973-1974)]] Added 10 April 2017
*'''[[The Cat's Pajamas (lost silent comedy film; 1926)]]''' Added 8 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[‎‎Sesame Street "Windy" (rare clip of puppet show series; 1970)]] Added 10 April 2017
*'''[[La lucarne d'Amilcar (lost French children's TV block; 1987-1989)]]''' Added 8 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[‎‎Fraggle Rock - unaired original opening (Unresurfaced alternate opening to puppet TV series; 1982)]] Added 10 April 2017
*'''[[Laffy Taffy Puzzle Game (lost Wonka online puzzle game; Early 2000's)]]''' Added 7 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[‎‎The Crayon Box (partially found puppet TV series; 1997-1998)]] Added 10 April 2017
*'''[[The Joey Bishop Show (partially found talk show; 1967-1969)]]''' Added 7 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[Popeye (partially found cancelled CGI-animated film; 2010-2016)]] Added 9 April 2017
*'''[[Happening '68 (partially found music TV show; 1968-1969)]]''' Added 7 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[‎Raiders of the Lost Ark (unreleased R-rated version of adventure film; 1981)]] Added 8 April 2017
*'''[[Cartoon Network "Nood" (partially found bumpers; 2008-2010)]]''' Added 7 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[‎Little Shop of Horrors (unused and unreleased materials; 1981-2003)]] Added 7 April 2017
*'''[[The Power of One: The Pokémon 2000 Movie Special (partially found TV special; 2000)]]''' Added 7 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[Just a Girl (lost BBC online short film; 2016)]] Added 6 April 2017
*'''[[Khia - Street Preacher (lost cancelled album; 2003)]]''' Added 6 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[Raggedy Ann: Broadway Musical (lost script and footage; 1985-86)]] Added 6 April 2017
*'''[[Midnight Screenings - Thor (lost episode from The Cinema Snob; 2011)]]''' Added 6 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[‎Battle of the Planets: The New Exploits of G-Force (lost Gatchaman pilot dub; 2003)]] Added 2 April 2017
*'''[[Sam and Friends (partially lost Jim Henson puppet TV series; 1955-1961)]]''' Added 6 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[‎Doggy Wyvern (unreleased PC shooter game; 1998)]] Added 2 April 2017
*'''[[Sentimental Tommy (partially found silent drama film; 1921)]]''' Added 5 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[Bully - Jimmy Hopkins death scene (deleted scene of PlayStation 2 game; 2006)]] Added 1 April 2017
*'''[[My Melody's Magical Adventure (lost English dub of anime; mid-2000s)]]''' Added 5 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[Vladimir Putin home video (lost footage of Russian president; 1992)]] Added 1 April 2017
*'''[[Jankenman (lost English dub of anime series)]]''' Added 5 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[Three Little Ghosts (partially found English dub of anime series; 1992)]] Added 31 March 2017
*'''[[The Rimini Riddle (partially found Irish puppet TV series; 1992-1995)]]''' Added 4 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[The Bethke brothers tape (partially found footage of flying rescue; 1989)]] Added 31 March 2017
*'''[[Hetalia: Axis Powers (unreleased original FUNimation English dub; 2010)]]''' Added 3 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[Space Ghost: Coast to Coast pilots (lost episodes of animated series; 1993)]] Added 31 March 2017
*'''[[Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters ALEX (unreleased Japanese version of anime series; existence unconfirmed; 2006)]]''' Added 3 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*[[Mario Party 4 flash game (found online promo game; 2002)]] Added 30 March 2017
*'''[[Marl Kingdom: Happy Hunt (lost mobile web game; 2001)]]''' Added 3 May 2017 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Super Monkey Ball Mini (lost tie-in Flash game; 2001)]]''' Added 1 May 2017 '''[New]'''

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Lost Media Chronicles episode 43 - Pinwheel and Clock Man
Lost Media Chronicles episode 44 - Virtual Boy Cancelled Games
Binyah Binyah episode 4 (via Google Drive; courtesy of CDCB)
5 seconds from the JBVO Dragon Ball Z episode (courtesy of Captain B. Zarre)
Mr. Roger "Cans" episode (bootleg; courtesy of CDCB)
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  • A collection of storyboards from the first episode of the unproduced animated series Yo! It's the Chester Cheetah Show (the episode in question titled "Stir Crazy Cat") have shown up online via an eBay auction! Images from the original auction page (which is no longer available) were archived by an anonymous 4chan user on the /co/ board, and said images have been mirrored to imgur, here. Thanks to the anonymous /co/ user for both bringing these images to our attention and for preserving them!
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