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== '''Article additions''' ==
== '''Article additions''' ==
*'''[[Nuclear Sub Command (lost Commodore 64 game; 1992)]]''' 22 Nov 2020 '''[New]'''
*'''[[‎‎‎‎‎The Story of Kamikuishiki Village (lost PC-98 satirical strategy game; 1995)]]''' 12 Jan 2021 <span style="color:hotpink">'''[NSFW]'''</span> <span style="color:red">'''[NSFL]'''</span> '''[New]'''
*'''[[“Fire Hazard” (lost Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains demo; 2003)]]''' 22 Nov 2020 '''[New]'''
*'''[[‎Tales of Trolls & Treasures (lost RPG game for PC; 2002)]]''' 11 Jan 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[City Warriors (lost Commodore 64 game; existence unconfirmed; 1990s)]]''' 22 Nov 2020 '''[New]'''
*'''[[‎Frivolous Fairytales (partially found animated series; 2002)]]''' 08 Jan 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Dude, This Sucks (lost MTV pilot; 2000)]]''' 20 Nov 2020 <span style="color:hotpink">'''[NSFW]'''</span> <span style="color:red">'''[NSFL]'''</span> '''[New]'''
*'''[[‎Mitr Chaibancha (lost death footage of Thai actor; 1970)]]''' 07 Jan 2021 <span style="color:red">'''[NSFL]'''</span> '''[New]'''
*'''[[McDonald's eCrew Development Program (found McDonald's Japan Nintendo DS training game; 2010)]]''' 19 Nov 2020 '''[New]'''
*'''[[‎Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (lost original unmuted audio of scene from fantasy film; existence unconfirmed; 2007)]]''' 06 Jan 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Precision Drumming, Part 3: Melodic Percussion (lost educational film; 1978)]]''' 19 Nov 2020 '''[New]'''
*'''[[‎‎‎‎‎Mission 2110 (partially lost live CBBC gameshow; 2010)]]''' 06 Jan 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Hetalia: Axis Powers (partially found live recordings of stage musicals; 2015-2018)]]''' 18 Nov 2020 '''[New]'''
*'''[[‎‎‎‎‎Mission Omega (lost build of cancelled Atari 2600 game by CommaVid; early 1980s)]]''' 05 Jan 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[The Thing (partially found deleted scenes of horror/sci-fi film; 1982)]]''' 17 Nov 2020 '''[New]'''
*'''[[‎Girlquake! (lost action-exploitation film; 1995)]]''' 04 Jan 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[RSD Game Maker (partially lost video games made on MS-DOS game engine; 1991-present)]]''' 15 Nov 2020 '''[New]'''
*'''[[‎UPN (partially found television shows of American network; 1995-2006)]]''' 04 Jan 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[BattleBots Collegiate Championship (partially lost unaired spinoff of robot combat TV show; 2009)]]''' 15 Nov 2020 '''[New]'''
*'''[[‎DEVO - New Traditionalists tour video (Lost live recordings, 1981)]]''' 02 Jan 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Connie Talbot: Over the Rainbow (lost build of cancelled Wii karaoke tie-in game; 2009)]]''' 15 Nov 2020 '''[New]'''
*'''[[‎‎‎‎‎Seal To Whales (lost Atari 2600 game by Datatech Enterprises; 1983)]]''' 01 Jan 2021 '''[New]'''
*'''[[Recording of Unknown Choir Piece (partially found audio recording; 1960s)]]''' 15 Nov 2020 '''[New]'''
*[[‎Ultraman Ace (lost Hiroshima attack sequence scene from Japanese TV series episode; 1972)]] 31 Dec 2020
*'''[[Untitled Motorcycle Games (lost Atari 2600 games by David Crane; existence unconfirmed; early 1980s)]]''' 14 Nov 2020 '''[New]'''
*[[‎‎DiResta (partially found UPN sitcom; 1998-1999)]] 31 Dec 2020
*'''[[Paradox (lost privated videos of French YouTube channel; 2017-2018)]]''' 12 Nov 2020 '''[New]'''
*[[‎‎Raz (partially found Commodore 64 game; 1990s)]] 31 Dec 2020
*'''[[Rhythm Heaven (partially found music visualizer for Nintendo DS rhythm game; 2009)]]''' 12 Nov 2020 '''[New]'''
*[[‎‎Tony the Tiger with Tourette's Syndrome aka "Tourettes Guy" (partially found early clips from web series; 2000-2001)]] 30 Dec 2020
*'''[[Blood Rush (partially found Commodore 64 homebrew game; 1997)]]''' 12 Nov 2020 '''[New]'''
*[[‎Crazy Cars (lost Atari 2600 port of Amiga game; existence unconfirmed; 1990)]] 29 Dec 2020
*'''[[Mad (partially found Commdore 64 game with music by Adam Gilmore; existence unconfirmed; dates unknown)]]''' 11 Nov 2020 '''[New]'''
*[[‎East Fremantle Sharks (partially lost Australian football song; 1980s)]] 29 Dec 2020
*'''[[Elmo Aardvark: Outer Space Detective (partially lost Flash animation series; 2000)]]''' 11 Nov 2020 '''[New]'''
*[[‎‎BBC Election Night (lost coverage of British general elections; 1950-1951)]] 29 Dec 2020
*'''[[Space Cats (partially found NBC animated comedy series; 1991-1992)]]''' 07 Nov 2020 '''[New]'''
*[[‎‎Pringles Nevashut (lost Flash game; 2005)]] 27 Dec 2020
*'''[[Smosh: The Movie (lost R-rated cut of YouTube comedy film; 2015)]]''' 05 Nov 2020 '''[New]'''
*[[‎F1 Racing Championship 2 (lost build of cancelled PC/PlayStation 2 Formula One game; 2001)]] 26 Dec 2020
*'''[[Blackhat (partially found director's cut of action thriller film; 2016)]]''' 05 Nov 2020 '''[New]'''
*[[‎Zanpo Virtual Cities (inaccessible multiplayer online game; 1999-2017)]] 25 Dec 2020
*'''[[Dastardly & Muttley - Operation: Pigeon Pursuit (lost build of unreleased PlayStation 2 video game; 2007-2008)]]''' 02 Nov 2020 '''[New]'''
*[[‎‎Wolf (partially lost Tyler, the Creator album; 2010)]] 23 Dec 2020
*'''[[Amazing World (lost cross-platform online virtual world game; 2013-2018)]]''' 30 Oct 2020 '''[New]'''
*[[‎Biggs' Adventure (partially found wraparound segments and trailers for Kidtoon matinee event; 2004-2005)]] 20 Dec 2020
*'''[[Me and My Shadow (partially found footage of unreleased Dreamworks animated film; 2010-2017)]]''' 30 Oct 2020 '''[New]'''
*[[‎The Nourishment is Palatable: The Comedy and Satire of John Green (lost radio essays CD; 2003)]] 19 Dec 2020
*'''[[CASCOM (partially found stock footage from American-Australian company; 1980s-early 2000s)]]''' 30 Oct 2020 '''[New]'''
*[[‎‎F-1 World Grand Prix III (lost build of cancelled Nintendo 64 Formula One racing game; 2000-2001)]] 19 Dec 2020
*'''[[Dragon Ball Z Bucchigiri Match (lost web-based card game based on anime series; 2018)]]''' 29 Oct 2020 '''[New]'''
*[[‎Grand Prix 3 (lost build of cancelled Dreamcast port of PC Formula One racing game; 2001)]] 18 Dec 2020
*'''[[MysteryDisc: Many Roads to Murder (lost interactive murder mystery movie sequel; 1983)]]''' 27 Oct 2020 '''[New]'''
*[[‎Catch the Black Sunshine (lost original cut of Chris Robinson film, 1972)]] 17 Dec 2020
*'''[[U2 (lost Tokyo Dome TV broadcast footage of Zoo TV Tour; 1993)]]''' 27 Oct 2020 '''[New]'''
*[[‎‎The Jeremy Kyle Show (lost unaired Steve Dymond episode of British daytime talk show; 2019)]] 17 Dec 2020 <span style="color:red">'''[NSFL]'''</span>
*'''[[Gamsonite (partially lost music from online label; 2012-2013)]]''' 25 Oct 2020 '''[New]'''
*[[‎Dean Quixote (partially found indie comedy film; 2000)]] 17 Dec 2020
*'''[[Dr. Slump & Arale-chan Summer Anime Festival Special with Queen Millennia (found TV special of Japanese anime with original commercials and ending; 1981)]]''' 23 Oct 2020 '''[New]'''
*[[‎‎Garfield Goose and Friends (partially found children's puppet TV series; 1952-1976)]] 16 Dec 2020
*[[‎The Jaleel White Special (partially found ABC TV special; 1992)]] 22 Oct 2020
*[[‎‎Hansen vs. Predator (partially lost chatlogs, uncut interviews and police interrogations; 2015)]] 15 Dec 2020 <span style="color:red">'''[NSFL]'''</span>
*[[‎Extreme Monsters: Saving Steiner (unpublished graphic novel; date unknown)]] 21 Oct 2020
*[[‎Scooby-Doo: Horror on the High Seas (partially found prologue of Cartoon Network online game; 2004)]] 15 Dec 2020
*[[‎Thomas and the Magic Railroad (lost test footage; 1995)]] 19 Oct 2020
*[[‎Scarred (partially lost MTV series; 2007)]] 14 Dec 2020 <span style="color:red">'''[NSFL]'''</span>
*[[‎The Price Is Right (partially found unaired pilot for syndicated game show; 1993)]] 18 Oct 2020
*[[Piano Lessons (lost early television series; 1931-1932)]] 14 Dec 2020
*[[‎What's Stevie Thinking? (lost unaired pilot of cancelled "Lizzie McGuire" spin-off TV series; 2003)]] 18 Oct 2020
*[[‎‎Edu Games (lost Atari 2600 games; mid 1980s-early 1990s)]] 13 Dec 2020
*[[‎Tales from the Land of Genitalia (lost Bob Jaques animated short based on Robert Crumb comic strip; 1970s)]] 17 Oct 2020 <span style="color:hotpink">'''[NSFW]'''</span>
*[[‎The Loud House (partially lost deleted scenes of Nickelodeon animated series; 2016-present)]] 13 Dec 2020
*[[‎Handy Manny (partially found unaired pilot of Disney children's animated TV series; 2005)]] 17 Oct 2020
*[[‎The Commune (lost Manson family-inspired film; 1970)]] 10 Dec 2020 <span style="color:hotpink">'''[NSFW]'''</span>
*[[‎Untitled Stranger Things Game (lost Telltale video game based on Netflix series; 2018)]] 13 Oct 2020
*[[‎‎Aasi Morso ja Mouru (found Finnish puppet TV show; 1999-2001)]] 10 Dec 2020
*[[‎Journey Through Nutritionland (lost Dan Haskett animated short; 1976)]] 13 Oct 2020
*[[‎DayxDay (partially lost web documentary series; 2014-2016)]] 10 Dec 2020
*[[‎Top Gear (partially found Discovery Channel adaptation of BBC Two TV series; 2005)]] 12 Oct 2020
*[[‎Virtual Boy (partially found unreleased video games for Nintendo virtual reality system; 1990s)]] 07 Dec 2020

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