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UPDATE 3.13! (Added 16 Sep 2019)
LSuperSonicQ's video on the Phantom Blood pilot trailer
2004 Phantom Blood pilot trailer, courtesy of Red Mango
Nightmare Ned episode "Monster Ned", courtesy of Knordob
Nightmare Ned episode "The Ants", courtesy of Knordob
15 minutes of Roly-Polys Nanakorobi Yaoki gameplay
Birthday Mania setup tutorial, courtesy of YouTuber Trevgauntlet
Super Mario Bros. cut scene, courtesy of SMB Movie
Youri, the Spaceman episode 7, courtesy of OLDTPBUSER 22
Starland Vocal Band Show episode 1, courtesy of StarlandandMore

What's up guys, dycaite here with an exclusive, rare peek at the once-thought extinct notitiam tabula, seen here in its natural habitat for the first time in three months (seriously though, I know it's been a long time since the last one and I both apologise for my lack of updates and thank you for your patience 🙏🙏🙏). Since this notice board is gunna be such a big one, I've decided to make it a hybrid forum post/notice board post, with the highlights being outlined here on the homepage and the full list of found media being given here via the forums (big thanks to LMW regular Ryanskip for keeping track for us). Now, onto the highlights of the past few months:

  • First up, a rare 2004 pilot trailer for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood has been found! You can hear all about the newly unearthed clip above, courtesy of LSuperSonicQ’s brand new video on the topic and see the 40 second trailer for yourself (also above - or, for the purists among us, a raw copy can be obtained here)! Big thanks to Red Mango for making this rarity available and to LSSQ for spreading the word!
  • The final missing episodes of Nightmare Ned have been found! With the show now found in its entirety, you can check out the article yourself for links to all 12 episodes (25 segments); big thanks to everyone who worked on bringing this series back from obscurity for all to enjoy! Furthermore, you can catch the two found episodes that brought this search to completion back in late May ("Monster Ned" and "The Ants") via the above embed, courtesy of YouTuber Knordob; thanks Knordob!
  • Osamu Sato's Roly-Polys Nanakorobi Yaoki has been found! This first in a duology of obscure Japanese educational games was tracked down back in July by the Osamu Sato Discord group and can be downloaded (alongside box, manual and disc scans) right here! Big thanks to those involved in bringing this to light (it's a series I've personally been quite curious about ever since learning of its existence and I'm certainly going to give this one a try soon)!
  • Birthday Mania has been found! A ROM dump of the incredibly rare Atari 2600 title (personalised - in recognition - to Anthony Tokar, the game's developer) was provided online in late July by AtariAge user Atari_Warlord and was followed up that same day with an unpersonalised copy also being released courtesy of user Shawn (also on AtariAge). Big thanks to both Atari_Warlord and Shawn for preserving and making these ROM dumps available! You can grab the personalised version here and the unpersonalised version here!
  • A deleted scene from the infamous 1993 live-action Super Mario Bros. movie has surfaced! In mid May, an extended rough cut of the film was found on a tape by The Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive (aka SMB Movie on YouTube), containing roughly 15 minutes of never before seen footage, with one of these cut scenes making its way online in August courtesy of the aformentioned Archive (seen via the above embed). Thanks to SMB Movie for sharing this rarity; here's hoping the rest of the cut footage surfaces soon!
  • Another episode of Youri, the Spaceman has been recovered, leaving just 6 remaining until completion! Episode 7 was found and uploaded back in early June by OLDTPBUSER 22 (sourced from an old recording of Happy Tree Friends and Friends - hello fellow Australian!) and can be seen via the above embed; thanks OLDTPBUSER 22!
  • Aaand while we're on the topic of found spacemen, check out this news piece on an incredible find - original recordings from the Apollo 11 moon landing which have since gone to auction, selling for a whopping 1.8 million US dollars (crazy stuff, huh?); here's hoping these historic recordings (which are confirmed to be of much higher quality than the ones that currently exist in the public domain) are properly archived and shared some day.
  • The Starland Vocal Band Show has been found in its entirety! Back in April (and yes, I'm well aware of how many throwbacks I've already made in this notice board post, we're running behind, ok? 😅 But... As we all know, life, uh, finds a way and here we are now, better late than never), all six episodes of the 1977 variety show were uploaded by YouTuber StarlandandMore, the first episode of which can be seen via the above embed; thanks StarlandandMore!

NOW, before you go getting too comfortable, recall that I said I'd be breaking this post up into a comprehensive list in the forums and a highlight post here on the homepage (which you're reading right now, duh) - you can check out the Update 3.13 Addendum here for a comprehensive list of everything found over the past few months (or more than a few in some cases) - including, but not limited to: found episodes of The Magic Roundabout, found episodes of The Noddy Shop, new Rimini Riddle footage (warning: creepy, in more ways than one) and more - there's a whole bunch to check out so I highly recommend giving the forums post a look. Big thanks once again to Ryanskip for keeping track of everything, without his lists I'd be a deer in the headlights when it comes to writing these up 👍

That's gunna do it for this year (I kid, of course 😛); until next time, take it easy everybody!


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