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UPDATE 3.14! (Added 04 Nov 2019)
Pinwheel footage 2 of 2, courtesy of Meredith_Vintage (source) and PinkiePie097 (YT upload)
Pinwheel footage 2 of 2, courtesy of Meredith_Vintage (source) and PinkiePie097 (YT upload)
JBVO episode from October 1st, 2000, courtesy of SchfiftyThreeRetroTV
Fox Kids censored edit of Cybersix episode "Data-7 & Julian, courtesy of Brock (source) and Media Finder (YT upload)
Butt Ugly Martians episode 1 - "Playback/Payback", courtesy of Toony Cartoony
Sonic 3D Blast demo tape tracks 1-3, courtesy of Jon Burton (aka GameHut)

How's it going everybody, dycaite here with another succulent Chinese meal notice board post for you all to sink your teeth into - brought to you by the letter M (for Museum of the Moving Image, but More on that in a Moment)! Hope everyone had a happy, spooky Halloween, as we now enter into the merry month of November (yes, it's merry - if shops are already acting like it's Christmas time then I can too). Alrighty, enough bad jokes from me, let's get right into it:

  • The Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, NY will be holding a very special screening on the 24th of November dedicated to Lost and Found Sesame Street! Tickets are $15 each and they are slated to be exhibiting footage of BOTH the Wicked Witch episode AND the Snuffy's Parents Divorce one, perhaps even in their entirety - a truly incredible experience that, were I not stuck on an island on the bottom of the world, I would absolutely endeavor to attend. Can't wait to hear how the event unfolds and whether or not we get any info on a potential worldwide release! Big thanks to everyone involved in making this happen! If you're near the area, I urge you to take a visit, this is the kind of event we love to see happen and the more support, the better :) You can find more details right here. But that's not all! In addition to this screening, the Museum of the Moving Image will ALSO be screening the very first episode of Sesame Street 2 weeks earlier, on November 10th (for the same entry price of $15) - more details on that screening can be found here. Thanks for all you do MoMI!
  • Another hour or so of Pinwheel footage has surfaced! While the Clock Man mystery may have been put to rest some time ago, it's great to still see people continuing to hunt down other lost Pinwheel content; this new hour of content (courtesy of user Meredith_Vintage) can be found in its raw, unedited form (alongside other recordings that were on the tapes in question) here and here, or if you're so inclined, you can view just the clipped Pinwheel footage itself above via the two YouTube embeds, courtesy of PinkiePie097. Thanks guys!
  • Another episode of JBVO has been found! The episode, from October 1st, 2000, was uploaded on its 19th anniversary last month (nice touch) by YouTuber SchfiftyThreeRetroTV and can be seen via the above embed. It may not be the coveted DBZ episode, but it's massively appreciated nonetheless; thanks SchfiftyThreeRetroTV!
  • A previously lost episode of Fox Kids' censored edit of animated series Cybersix has been recovered! The episode, titled "Data-7 & Julian" was provided by Discord user Brock (aka Nostalgist's Archive on YouTube) on our very own LMW Discord server! A YouTube mirror by Media Finder can be seen via the above embed; thanks to both Brock and Media Finder for bringing this one to light!
  • A bunch of once-lost Butt Ugly Martians episodes have recently been unearthed! Over the past few months, YouTuber Toony Cartoony has been steadily uploading episodes of the show to the point where we are now only one episode away from completion! As someone who saw this show plenty as a kid, it's great to see it nearly 100% found, here's hoping that last episode doesn't prove too elusive. You can check out Toony Cartoony's YouTube channel here or, if you're new to the series, you can check out the first episode via the above embed. Thanks Toony Cartoony!
  • Now, onto one of my favourite topics: video games - 5 unreleased demo tracks from Sonic 3D Blast have surfaced! All 5 of the tracks in question, composed by Jun Senoue, were shared by Traveller's Tales and TT Games founder Jon Burton in mid to late October via his GameHut YouTube channel. Jon rediscovered the tape of MIDI demo tracks back in 2017, having owned it since all the way back in 1996, but could not release them until now due to rights issues. Big thanks to Jon for not giving up on finding a way to get these out to the public, they're really very interesting to hear in contrast with the game's final soundtrack! It's worth noting that 3 tracks from the tape have yet to be released, though judging by GameHut's upload pattern, it seems likely we will be hearing them soon. You can check out the first few tracks from the demo tape via the above embed!
  • Next up, the kind folks over at Gaming Alexandria have recently unearthed not one, not two, but three unreleased games and have shared the ROMs, source codes and all that jazz via their website! The three games in question, 4×4 Off-Roaders, Travis Pastrana’s Moto X (both for the Game Boy Advance) and Tarzan: Lord of the Jungle (for the Super Nintendo) can be found by clicking on their aformentioned titles, which will redirect you to their respective Gaming Alexandria articles. Big thanks to everyone over at Gaming Alexandria who made this possible, and to GA's Jonas Rosland for personally informing me of their release!
  • A cavalcade (no seriously, a cavalcade) of Postopia games have been found! 43 OF THEM! They were shared with the Advergame Recovery Project Discord server in mid October by a Postopia dev under the name nightpearl in a Google Drive upload, accessible here! Big thanks to nightpearl for this massive collection - it's rare to see a single instance of game preservation on this kind of scale (web games or otherwise) and it's definitely something to stand up and commend, so, a big kudos to you!

And to close off once again, here is a link to this update's Addendum post for everything else we couldn't squeeze in (sorry to anyone we didn't feature! If this thing were any longer it'd turn into a novella 😅) In any case...

♫ That's all there is, there isn't... Any more ♫

Big props, as usual, to LMW regular Ryanskip for helping us keep track of all this stuff; until next time, take it easy peaceple ✌️


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