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This wiki is a community passion project where we detail and attempt to track down (at least, in most cases) pieces of lost or hard to find media; whether it be video, audio or otherwise (of either a fictional or non-fictional nature), if it's completely lost or simply inaccessible to the general public, it belongs here.

Breaking off from its original Wikia hosting, the site was moved to its own, independent host (the process of which was initiated in late 2014 and concluded in mid 2015) and has been steadily growing since its humble beginnings. We encourage any and all connoisseurs of obscure media to join in and contribute; the more the merrier. Happy searching!

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UPDATE 2.59! (Added 19 Mar 2017)

Spanish dub of Cracks, courtesy of AT Productions (aka Patriot712)
A short featurette on The Other Side of the Wind’s upcoming completion and release
A Hard Day’s Day DVD rip, courtesy of Adrian Ramirez

¿Que pasa chicos, dycaite aqui con otro tablin de anuncios publicar este fin de marzo! Vamos a entrar en ella!

  • The Spanish dub of Cracks has been found! Sourced from a VHS release of Plaza Sesamo (specifically, the tape "F n.8: La Salud es Primero" - to think, that all this time, the short was actually present on a commercial VHS release; who'd have thought?), a bootleg recording of the short was uploaded to YouTube several days ago by AT Productions (aka Patriot712, here at the wiki). It's so great to see this come to light, my only hope now is that a higher quality version surfaces! In any case, BIG thanks to Patriot712 for the provision of this rarity!
  • The Other Side of the Wind is to be completed and released! Famously regarded as Orson Welles' final film, the unfinished piece has officially been picked up by Netflix, who will complete the production and distribute the film! This is great news for film buffs and lost media enthusiasts alike and it's really nice to see companies like Netflix take up a project such as this; bravo!
  • A higher quality version of A Hard Day's Day has been found! A DVD rip of the short, fictional romp through a day in the life of a Beatles cover band was acquired by Adrian Ramirez, who has kindly passed said rip onto us; you can catch it above via our Vimeo channel. Thanks Adrian!

Eso lo hara por ahora, hasta la proxima vez!


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