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UPDATE 2.61! (Added 17 Apr 2017)

Screenshot from one of the Mr Rogers "Conflict" episodes
Lost Media Chronicles episode 42 - Doraemon 1973
The Pinwheel Roadshow (courtesy of Jon QUBE)
Pinwheel, year 1, part 1 (courtesy of Jon QUBE)
Pinwheel, year 1, part 2 (courtesy of Jon QUBE)
Nickelodeon Magazine's Big 10 Birthday Bash (courtesy of SpooferJahk)
Jimmy Neutron Oscar Win (courtesy of Ray Chase)
Teleguide audio recording (courtesy of Ben at the Oddity Archive)
An important v-log from Randy regarding the LMW [PLEASE WATCH]

What's up guys, dycaite here -- and, first and foremost, I'd just like to wish everybody a safe and Happy Easter! That said, let's get straight into today's notice board post, which, as you'll no doubt have noticed, is quite the lengthy one; buckle up, buckaroos!

  • As you will likely recall, a few weeks back, the first two episodes of the Mister Rogers' Neighborhood "Conflict" arc found their way online. Now, thanks to MySpleen user Snowpeck, all 5 episodes have been made available! The episodes in question (plus higher quality rips of the first two) can be found on the aforementioned private torrent tracker, MySpleen. As per Snowpeck's request that the episodes not be mirrored elsewhere, we won't be sharing any mirrored links; if you'd like a copy of these episodes and do not have a MySpleen account, myself, plus a handful of other generous users on the Discord have banded together to give out invites; you need only ask for one (and - quick heads up - it's freeleech for the next 24 or so hours, so you may just wanna do it sooner rather than later). Huge thanks to Snowpeck for recovering and sharing these episodes, truly a valiant effort and to be highly commended!
  • More Pinwheel has come to light! MySpleen user retroccn uploaded not one, but two torrents, each containing partial recordings of Pinwheel episodes (amounting to about an hour of Pinwheel footage in total; thanks retroccn!
    Speaking of Pinwheel, three videos were recently discovered to have been uploaded to YouTube late last year, courtesy of Jon QUBE (from the interactive TV station QUBE, who used to air the series), totalling an impressive two and a half hours of Pinwheel footage! The videos in question can be seen above; thanks Jon!
    And, before anybody asks - no, sadly Clock Man is nowhere in there. That doesn't mean I'm going to stop searching though ;)
  • We have a new staff member, RSTVideo! Please make her feel welcome and wish her luck in her new role - though, I know she'll do great :)
  • Ray Chase, who worked in the animation department of the 2001 Jimmy Neutron movie has recently released the "winning" animation that would have been used had the film won at the 2001 Oscars! The until-now unseen piece of animation can be viewed above; thanks Ray!
    And on the topic of Jimmy Neutron, a high resolution scan of a magazine article on the Johnny Quasar pilot has been provided by Redditor siliconclassics, featuring several high res screenshots from the short; it can be found here. Thanks siliconclassics!
  • Ben from the Oddity Archive has uncovered and released a a rare 1965 audio recording of a Teleguide broadcast! Teleguide, a CCTV system used across hotels in New York in the 1960s, gave viewers information such as news, weather and other various tourist info. The hour or so of recovered audio can be heard above (and, if you'd like to hear more about the find, a haul video here discusses its discovery). Truly a fascinating piece, thanks to Ben for making this publicly available!
  • ALSO(!), in case you missed it, a higher quality rip of the Spanish dub of Cracks has been provided by original uploader AT Productions! Thanks once again to AT Productions for getting this out to the masses and in high quality, nonetheless! I'd have embedded it above, but things are getting a little crowded up there, so I'll just link it here; take a look!
  • And on a final, much more serious note (and a very important one, at that), Randy has put out a new v-log, discussing the wiki's recently implemented rule changes, as well as addressing some of the burning issues the site/community has been facing lately. Please do give it a watch, it really is important; you can do so via the above embed.

That's gunna do it for now, take it easy guys; peace!


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