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UPDATE 2.64! (Added 28 Jun 2017)

Sesame Street "Windy" skit (Spanish dub; courtesy of VINTAGE TV)
Sesame Street "Handful of Crumbs" skit (Spanish dub; courtesy of Ferdasyn 80)
Jim and Judy in Teleland episode 8 (courtesy of Char Char)
An entire episode's worth of JBVO host segments (courtesy of Captain B. Zarre)
An entire episode of JBVO (courtesy of thepurebreadgoat)
"Woody and the Beanstalk" (original English dub; courtesy of C4N4L 78
Nick Jr. ad compilation (with "YumChum" ad; courtesy of Nadoue Guerrier)
Bowl-Ed Over screenshot (modified game files courtesy of elllescuba)
The Secret Show logo (season 1 DVDRips courtesy of MK Inst)

How's it going guys, dycaite here back with another tantalising notice board post for everyone to sink their teeth into. It's another long'un too, so let's get straight into it!

  • The 1970 Sesame Street "Windy" skit has been found! While it may not be in its original English dub (but rather a Spanish dub), it's still really cool to see this one surface. Big thanks to YouTuber VINTAGE TV for the provision of the clip (which was included in a complete Spanish episode they uploaded a few days back), and to PumpkinJFriend for isolating and mirroring the clip, as seen above!
  • AND, on the topic of lost-to-found Sesame Street content, the 1982 "Handful of Crumbs" skit has also been unearthed! Although, as you might have gathered, the only complete copy of this skit is one that is dubbed in Spanish (for the time being at least), though it is still very cool to see these things surfacing, regardless of the language. Big thanks to YouTuber Ferdasyn 80 for providing the episode and, once again to PumpkinJFriend for isolating and mirroring the footage; check it out! Additionally, PumpkinJFriend has spliced together a partially English version by sourcing the song itself from a Sesame Street compilation album; it can be found here.
  • Next up, an episode of Jim and Judy in Teleland has been unearthed! This marks the first time an episode from this show has been recovered and oddly enough, it takes place in Australia :D Big thanks to YouTuber Char Char for not only providing the episode, but also giving the LMW a shout-out in the video's description; appreciate it buddy! You can see episode 8 of Jim and Judy in Teleland for yourself via the above embed!
  • More JBVO footage has come to light! This new footage comes by way of an entire episode's worth of host segments/commercials, courtesy of YouTuber and LMW contributor Captain B. Zarre, as well as a complete episode from Tumblr user thepurebreadgoat, both of which can be seen above; thanks guys!
  • The once-lost original English dub of the Woody Woodpecker episode "Woody and the Beanstalk" has been found! Big thanks go to C4N4L 78, who was kind enough to email us the episode out of the blue; much appreciated! The episode can be seen above (or, if you prefer, the uncompressed source file can be found here), via the LMW Vimeo channel, or you can find a custom version with titles edited in here, courtesy of LMW contributor Ultimate19th!
  • One of the animated McDonalds "YumChum" ads have been found! This comes via a bootleg recording of a block of Nick Jr. ads courtesy of YouTuber Nadoue Guerrier; the compilation video can be seen above (and the ad in question can be found at the 2:40 mark). Thanks Nadoue!
  • LMW contributor ellescuba has managed to modify the trial version of Bowl-Ed Over to remove the time limit! It's still unclear if the only difference between the trial version and the full purchased version was the time limit, but in any case, a stellar effort on ellescuba's part! The modified game files can be obtained here!
  • DVDRips of the entire first season of The Secret Show have been made available! This marks the first time these episodes have been available in DVD quality, and come courtesy of LMW contributor MK Inst, who, after managing to acquire said DVDs, was kind enough to mirror them for us, available here; thanks MK Inst!

Aaaaand finally, in some "here are a few things we missed" news (hey, we're only human ^_^'):

  • Roughly 6 hours of additional Pinwheel footage that was uploaded by Dailymotion user WackyJacky back in 2011 has come to our attention; thanks to WackyJacky for having provided these episodes and a special shout out to our very own RSTVideo for bringing their presence to everyone's attention! The first hour or so of WackyJacky's uploads can be found here!

That's gunna do it for now, take it easy guys and to everybody else getting the Crash N Sane Trilogy in 2 days time - ENJOY! I know I will (not that that has to do with anything, but I'M EXCITED)! :D

-dycaite, not Diet Coke

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