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Some articles on this wiki contain NSFW/NSFL content and have been marked as such.
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Notice board

UPDATE 2.66! (Added 24 Sept 2017)

Johnny Quasar Test 1 courtesy of Hilal H.
Johnny Quasar Test 2 courtesy of Hilal H.
Miss Peach World bootleg Famicom game, courtesy of famiac
Simcity NES prototype 2 minute video, courtesy of BIGDADDYRAMIREZ
Talking About The Weather uploaded by LoneWolf MoonLight
Golly! Ghost! Goals! gameplay, uploaded by namcokid47
Apples in Stereo: Live In Chicago Album Cover.
Ernie and The Pumpkin Seed Candy Salesman courtesy of PumpkinJFriend

Hi Everyone! RSTVideo here. Sorry this took so long, I was busy. Anywho uh... Notice board yeah..

First off! We have some new admins and mods! Two new admins!: Smith B. and SenaUW! And a couple new mods! Beautiful Duwang , EverythingSuperMario, SpooferJahk, and Floobadoo!

Now to the found stuff!

  • A whole batch of Felix the Cat episodes were found in Spanish by Caricasponge on August 25th, 2017. Episodes include: “The Diamond Tree”, “The Magic Apples”, “Oysters and Starfishes”, “The Cool Diamonds”, “Sick Squirt Gun”, “Mechanical Felix”, “The Ski Jump”, “Felix and the Beanstalk”, “The Weathermaker”, “The Instant Truck Melter”, “The Pep Pill”, “Leprechaun Gold From Rainbows”, “The Magnetic Ray”, “The Instant Grower”, “The Professor’s Ancestor”, “Luring the Magic Bag of Tricks”, “The Uranium Discovery”, “The Strongest Robot in the World”, “Stairway to the Stars”, “Felix and the Poindexter” “Out West”, “The Bad Genie”, “The Rajah’s Zoo”, “The Loan Business”, “Treasure Chest”, “The Essence of Money”, “The $10,000 Vacation”, “Cleopatra’s Beauty Secrets”, and “The Golden Whale Baby”. They are all on MEGA. I'd add links but it'd take up the whole page, I suggest going to the article itself and clicking the links to download! ^_^
  • Now for an NSFW one! Avert yer eyes kiddos! A ROM port of the Bootleg Famicom game Miss Peach World was dumped online by a user by the name of famiac on August 26th, 2017! Peachy! You can download the ROM here!
  • The couple of lost Saturday Supercade episodes were found by togemet2 AKA EverythingSuperMario on the wiki! The episodes found were: “The White Dover Squirrel (Kangaroo)”, “The Ms. Fortune Story”, “Mississippi Madness (Of better quality)”, “Trucknapper Caper” and “Raiders of the Lost Shark”. Click the article for links!
  • A user on the NintendoAge forum named BIGDADDYRAMIREZ uploaded 2-minute footage of the Cancelled Simcity NES port and will bring the prototype available for play at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2017!

Please tell me if I missed anything! I’m a bit sleep deprived and scatterbrained haha. Anyways, cya on the flipside fellaz!


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